1. Our gorgeous new Como bedroom collection has arrived!


    Our new Como bedroom is now complete! This beautiful collection is available in either a combination of Fenix and oak or as solid oak. Fenix is a gorgeously tactile material with it's trademarked Nanotech element. In addition to it's aesthetic qualities, Fenix is incredibly robust with it's scratch and stain resistant qualities. 

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  2. Ashlyn Gibson’s top interior styling tips for indoor plants

    Bringing the outside in - styling indoor plants with stylist Ashlyn Gibson

    Como all hanging wardrobe in Fenix Grigio Bromo Como all hanging wardrobe in Fenix Grigio Bromo

    We recently shot our new collections at the Clapton Laundry, a shoot location in east London run by stylist Ashlyn Gibson. In addition to her interior styling work, Ashlyn runs children’s lifestyle boutique Olive Loves Alfie and is the author of two best-selling books Creative Family Home and Creative Children’s Spaces

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  3. Quick tips - Bianco table lacquered finish

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  4. Mason table leaf levelling


    Our lovely Mason tables have a couple of hidden features to make using your table a bit easier. Have a look at this simple video to see how to use them. These features apply to all styles of Mason tables - oak, walnut, Fenix, ceramic.

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  5. Don't believe working from home is possible? Check out this gorgeous (sustainable) space!

    eco space studios


    Have you dreamed of working from home but don't have the space? Well look no further! This modular studio offers an innovative and beautiful way to achieve the dream.

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  6. Power of Pattern

    Su Daybell with her Womad design Photo by Alun Callender

    For the London Design Festival 2016 we have collaborated with British brand Lewis & Wood in an installation entitled The Power of Pattern. AIF's Kim Corbett chats with Su Daybell about the role pattern plays in her life and how she creates her striking designs.

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  7. Flame retardants and Fabrics

    The ups and downs of flame retardants Vega sofa

    I was recently asked by a customer how she could find out if the materials in her sofa were safe for her children. As I looked into this in more depth it quickly became clear that not only is this a really complicated issue, but answers were hard to find.

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  8. The hallway is the busiest bit of your home - do it in style!

    Vestibule hallway collection with our favourite pooch, Ramsey Vestibule hallway collection with wide console, our Flip seat in Blake dark grey & our favourite pooch, Ramsey

    Whether you live in a tiny city flat or a lively family home the hallway is often the busiest part of your space. So when we set out to design our 'dream' entryway we considered a variety of needs: dog owners, babies, teenagers, musicians. The one thing that our design team has in common is that we're all Londoners where every speck of space has to work hard.

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  9. Living on the edge: Live edge dining tables are gorgeous

    Beautiful, stylish dining tables

    Our new 'live edge' dining table has arrived in our showrooms and it looks even better than we had imagined. We designed the Trunk table to reflect the desire for originality and warmth in our homes. Each one is unique due to it's wild shape.

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  10. 3 Habits for Happiness

    Habit #1. Buy carefully

    The True Cost Film


    Firstly, and most importantly, I’ve watched a film that has changed the way I think. It’s a really-truly-must-see documentary called True Cost.

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