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  • Grand Designs magazine: Eco hero feature

    Grand Designs feature Aug 2015


    A big thanks to Grand Designs for selecting us for this ECO + DESIGN feature! Being a responsible business is very important to us both in terms of our practices and our products. We've won some awards in this area and continue to seek out and work with manufacturers that produce responsibly. The workshop that makes our contemporary Caspian range, featured in this article, is based in Croatia. We’ve worked hard with them to ensure that we have transparent, traceable certification. Our FSC COC number is proof that we can track the piece from forest to showroom to your home. Each piece in our Caspian collection has this FSC certification. Continue reading

  • Grand Designs Live 2015 - come and join the fun!


    We're getting ready for Grand Designs Live, the London show where we introduce new products and collections. This is our third year exhibiting at the show and this we will be launching 6 new products:

    Continue reading

  • Don't call it recycled!

    This image shows the solid walnut posts as they arrive in our workshop. they are sourced from a wide area and all cutting, drying and processing is done in-house
    The raw timber, often first felled over a century ago, is cut and air dried before being kiln dried to the right humidity level for furniture construction
    We do not stain or colour the timber in any way. Just a natural wax is used. In this way the infinite variety of tone and grain pattern stands witness to the diversity and maturity of the material used

    There's a quiet revolution going on in the world of sustainable furniture design and manufacture.

    As the novelty of claiming an item as being in some way recycled begins to wear off, a more sophisticated set of distinctions begin to be drawn.

    The words "upcycle" and "downcycle" have entered the language and offer a new way of looking at sustainable production.

    These terms have been in use since as early as 1994 when German businessman Reiner Pilz expressed his frustration that so much of what is called recycling essentially results in things of potential value being ground into some form of bulk material or hardcore: "I call it downcycling. They smash bricks, they smash everything. What we need is upcycling, where old products are given more value not less."

    It's an interesting perspective and one that’s particularly relevant to us as several of our most important and popular products are made from a material which has come to the end of one useful life - large solid walnut building posts – and is looking for another. The onus is on us not just to squeeze another use out of that material, but really to make something that releases the value inherent in it and gives the wood itself the best chance of a long time in service.

    Solid construction is clearly a big part of this. We sell furniture which we’re confident enough to guarantee for life. Good joinery in these pieces is not just about creating a high quality product. It’s also about making the most of a finite resource.

    Timeless design is important to this too. Gimmicky furniture may find itself swept away to the local dump to be downcycled on a wave of irrelevance once fashion moves on.

    Whether you call it reclaiming, recycling, upcycling or just good use of materials the thing that really excites us is making timeless pieces of furniture, built to last, that take nothing away from the environment in which they are made.

  • Metamorphic Table by John Reeves


    We've just launched the very cool oak Metamorphic folding table-cum-chair, as designed by the British furniture and product designer, John Reeves, and exclusive to Chest of Drawers. This innovative yet simple design offers a versatile solid oak side table which doubles up as a chair. Continue reading

  • The Bed and Mattress Size Guide - Top Tips for Happy Sleepers!

    “The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.” - Napolean Bonaparte

    Why is bed and mattress sizing so confusing?
    There are mattresses, bed and bedding makers all over the world, and they often have their own naming conventions. In this global day and age, this means we might mix bedding from America, mattresses from Wales, and beds from Europe, so it's no wonder people become confused!

  • Oak launch

    We are very proud to announce the recent launch of our new FSC oak range! We've been busy working hard over the past eleven months developing this new range of bedroom, dining and living room pieces, all made in FSC certified American white oak. Continue reading

  • Hand made furniture

    In this age of austerity it's important to prioritise. Quality and longevity are not just buzz words but are integral for judging value. Like everyone else we had to pinpoint our strengths during the recession and there was one thing that we felt was key - our solid wood furniture is built to last so we were determined to back it up with a promise. Our lifetime guarantee was born. Most of our contemporary furniture is made in smaller workshops and our craftsmen use time proven joinery methods that provide strength and durability. Our Caspian and Pacific ranges have hand cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, our dining tables use biscuit & dowel joints and our beds use mortise and tenon and mitre joints. Furniture made mostly by hand using traditional techniques - properly built furniture.

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