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  • BE SEATED: London Design Festival 2015

    Please, BE SEATED. AIF London launches The Custom Chair: flexible solutions for seating at our Islington showroom during #LDF15. Hundreds of options reflecting the desire to create personality & individuality in our spaces. Design with freedom! Continue reading

  • Grand Designs Live 2015 - come and join the fun!


    We're getting ready for Grand Designs Live, the London show where we introduce new products and collections. This is our third year exhibiting at the show and this we will be launching 6 new products:

    Continue reading

  • Adjusting the leaves on our Living extendable dining table

    Watch these brief videos to see the key features of our bestselling Living extendable table.

  • Best-selling Bianco II white extending table

    The star of the video above is the Bianco II extending table - click for price and size information.

    Our Bianco dining table began life after many of our customers asked us for a white extending dining table. It was a pub conversation with my friend Vicki that finally pushed us to the drawing board. She had searched everywhere for a white table that extended and couldn't find one that was still good quality. So we consulted with our wonderful table makers and came up with a system where the leg section moves, so everybody gets a good seat. Voila - the Bianco II extending table was born. Continue reading

  • How to Arrange your Large Dining Table

    Just as for most people, the bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom; the dining table is the centre and chief focus of the dining room. Even when not in use, a wooden one-piece large dining table with matching chairs is an imposing if not arresting sight. It should be treated with respect and given its own space, not shoved up against a wall, in my view. It should dominate the dining room with its imposing presence, and that’s why I would always splash out as much as I could afford on a quality wooden large dining table. It should last you a lifetime. And if you have to downsize in later life- give it to one of your children so that it may grace their home- a regular family heirloom!

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  • Who's afraid of colour?

    Could it be that the British are shaking off their famous chromophobia? As a nation stereotypically characterised as being terrified of colour you might expect our dining rooms to be dull monochrome spaces with matching dining sets doing their best to evade notice in the darkest stains we can find. If the success of our new Spectrum range is anything to go by this couldn't be further from the truth. Continue reading

  • How to Prepare for and Position your Extendable Dining Table

    I came across a certain degree of snobbishness when discussing extendable dining tables. There’s a long standing view that a dining table should be large, solid, and fixed to the same spot in the dining room (or whatever room you eat in) all the time- as a sort of statement that this is where we/I/the family eat. That may be, but when there’s just you at the table, or maybe just one or two others, it’s not a great use of space is it? If you are lucky enough to have sufficient rooms and sufficient space then by all means go for a non-extendable dining table. Continue reading

  • Drugeot Labo

    The super stylish Drugeot Labo is a must know brand of Atelier du Drugeot, a renowned manufacturer of high quality occasional designer furniture. The brand's production has been based in the Loire Valley in France for over 30 years, combining the best traditional cabinetmaking techniques with highly original contemporary wooden furniture design. This stunning shelving unit is, in our opinion, one of the finest examples of their work. Choose between coloured backings on the mini cubes (as seen here) or alternatively no backing at all, enabling the eye to see straight through. Continue reading

  • Metamorphic Table by John Reeves


    We've just launched the very cool oak Metamorphic folding table-cum-chair, as designed by the British furniture and product designer, John Reeves, and exclusive to Chest of Drawers. This innovative yet simple design offers a versatile solid oak side table which doubles up as a chair. Continue reading

  • How to Buy a Dining Table - The Essential Guide

    Part 1: Size and style

    The English novelist Virginia Woolf once wrote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

    A dining table is one of those essential pieces of furniture which makes life that little bit better. Harking back in history, the dining table has always held great importance. In the Middle Ages, the dining table was used as a central part of the Great Hall, a large and heavily decorated room where the upper echelons of society would dine in castles or large manor houses. Modern life may be very different from the days of great royal banquets, but the dining table has remained an essential part of domestic life. That is why we are here to help guide you through the process of picking the best table to suit you and your lifestyle. Finding the perfect dining table may seem a little daunting at first, but it needn't be.

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