Dining room furniture

  • Dining tables fit for a King!

    Oak Basic Stainless Steel Dining Table

    This time of year, with Christmas fast approaching, our thoughts turn to entertaining family and friends. The dining table more often than not forms the focus of enjoyable and successful entertaining, especially during holiday seasons, and as more people take to 'dining in', large tables are becoming the de rigeur of modern dining. The importance of dining tables Continue reading

  • Oak launch

    We are very proud to announce the recent launch of our new FSC oak range! We've been busy working hard over the past eleven months developing this new range of bedroom, dining and living room pieces, all made in FSC certified American white oak. Continue reading

  • Hand made furniture

    In this age of austerity it's important to prioritise. Quality and longevity are not just buzz words but are integral for judging value. Like everyone else we had to pinpoint our strengths during the recession and there was one thing that we felt was key - our solid wood furniture is built to last so we were determined to back it up with a promise. Our lifetime guarantee was born. Most of our contemporary furniture is made in smaller workshops and our craftsmen use time proven joinery methods that provide strength and durability. Our Caspian and Pacific ranges have hand cut dovetails, mortise and tenon joints, our dining tables use biscuit & dowel joints and our beds use mortise and tenon and mitre joints. Furniture made mostly by hand using traditional techniques - properly built furniture.

  • Yep, it's a beauty and it's in Chiswick!

    Back in March Jason and I watched as this table was crafted in a boutique European workshop. We couldn't wait to show our customers what we thought was one lovely table. Lots of flexibility in finishes, size and wood and the design, well it's perfection. Now the anticipation is over - our Stoli dining table has arrived in our Chiswick shop. It really is one of the nicest tables we've seen and it's available in many finishes in European oak and oiled American black walnut. A suspension cable provides support for the larger sizes and adds a unique design detail in brushed steel to the underside of the table. Splay legs are set flush to the corners and come through the table top. The finishing process is achieved in several stages to create a robust patina. It's a fully handmade piece that deserves the attention it's been getting in Chiswick. Click to see the full range of finishes.

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