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  • Ashlyn Gibson’s top interior styling tips for indoor plants

    Bringing the outside in - styling indoor plants with stylist Ashlyn Gibson

    Como all hanging wardrobe in Fenix Grigio Bromo Como all hanging wardrobe in Fenix Grigio Bromo

    We recently shot our new collections at the Clapton Laundry, a shoot location in east London run by stylist Ashlyn Gibson. In addition to her interior styling work, Ashlyn runs children’s lifestyle boutique Olive Loves Alfie and is the author of two best-selling books Creative Family Home and Creative Children’s SpacesContinue reading

  • Want a super flexible, gorgeous looking clothes organiser?

    I like all the ingenious ways to organise storage on Pinterest but I don’t always have the time or materials at hand to create them. So when I found this really simple but very beautifully designed clothes storage unit from Denmark I immediately ordered it for the showrooms and also for myself. I have a small child’s room that requires some ingenious storage. This is perfect.

    Introducing the super space saving wardrobe, Tojbox! This stylish wardrobe is the perfect small space clothes organiser. It’s described as nomadic by its Danish designer, Michael Daae, because he was moving around a lot when he designed it. He wanted something that was easy to assemble and useful. “I wanted to design a piece of furniture that was compatible with my nomadic lifestyle but still had a characteristic design. You just have to lean it against the wall where you want it.” Continue reading

  • Grand Designs Live 2015 - come and join the fun!


    We're getting ready for Grand Designs Live, the London show where we introduce new products and collections. This is our third year exhibiting at the show and this we will be launching 6 new products:

    Continue reading

  • AIF presenting Ethnicraft at Grand Designs Live 2015!

    We are delighted to be bringing an amazing stand of our lovely Ethnicraft products to this year's Grand Designs at the Excel Centre (May 2nd - 10th). Continue reading

  • Best-selling Bianco II white extending table

    The star of the video above is the Bianco II extending table - click for price and size information.

    Our Bianco dining table began life after many of our customers asked us for a white extending dining table. It was a pub conversation with my friend Vicki that finally pushed us to the drawing board. She had searched everywhere for a white table that extended and couldn't find one that was still good quality. So we consulted with our wonderful table makers and came up with a system where the leg section moves, so everybody gets a good seat. Voila - the Bianco II extending table was born. Continue reading

  • Do people really hate televisions?

    Probably not. But so many of us do hate bulky TV units. They are getting larger and brasher, more hi-tec and louder. Not exactly something you want in a central place in your living room. The pressure to get bigger and better screens is turbo-driven by the World Cup and Wimbledon, as demonstrated by Dixon's recent announcement of surging TV sales.

    Gone are the days when a modest TV can be disguised next to your plants on an alcove bookshelf. These days it's more likely to have replaced that painting you loved on your living room wall. Once every four years this might look like a thing of beauty as it shows in high definition detail the curling free kick that wins England the World Cup (ahem), but what about the rest of the time?

    The idea of enclosing your television in a large cupboard often makes the situation worse. Do you really have room for a monstrous wardrobe in your living room?

    Forget surround-sound, there is only one response. Surround-style. Make sure your new TV is accompanied by beautiful furniture and aesthetically pleasing accessories.

    We offer a wide of range of TV units. These can support the heaviest box or sit stylishly under wall mounted units. They can incorporate flip down doors, shelves or drawers. Large or small, oak or teak. All with contemporary designs and made from solid materials - no veneer or plastics here! Then add vases, picture frames, plants or objects you love to soften the look of the TV.

    Lead times are quick, and your new TV unit will last through many World Cups to come. They'll give you more pleasure than watching England too! View all of our lovely tv units. Continue reading

  • The Bed and Mattress Size Guide - Top Tips for Happy Sleepers!

    “The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.” - Napolean Bonaparte

    Why is bed and mattress sizing so confusing?
    There are mattresses, bed and bedding makers all over the world, and they often have their own naming conventions. In this global day and age, this means we might mix bedding from America, mattresses from Wales, and beds from Europe, so it's no wonder people become confused!

  • How to Buy a Dining Table - The Essential Guide

    Part 1: Size and style

    The English novelist Virginia Woolf once wrote, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

    A dining table is one of those essential pieces of furniture which makes life that little bit better. Harking back in history, the dining table has always held great importance. In the Middle Ages, the dining table was used as a central part of the Great Hall, a large and heavily decorated room where the upper echelons of society would dine in castles or large manor houses. Modern life may be very different from the days of great royal banquets, but the dining table has remained an essential part of domestic life. That is why we are here to help guide you through the process of picking the best table to suit you and your lifestyle. Finding the perfect dining table may seem a little daunting at first, but it needn't be.

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