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  • Do people really hate televisions?

    Probably not. But so many of us do hate bulky TV units. They are getting larger and brasher, more hi-tec and louder. Not exactly something you want in a central place in your living room. The pressure to get bigger and better screens is turbo-driven by the World Cup and Wimbledon, as demonstrated by Dixon's recent announcement of surging TV sales.

    Gone are the days when a modest TV can be disguised next to your plants on an alcove bookshelf. These days it's more likely to have replaced that painting you loved on your living room wall. Once every four years this might look like a thing of beauty as it shows in high definition detail the curling free kick that wins England the World Cup (ahem), but what about the rest of the time?

    The idea of enclosing your television in a large cupboard often makes the situation worse. Do you really have room for a monstrous wardrobe in your living room?

    Forget surround-sound, there is only one response. Surround-style. Make sure your new TV is accompanied by beautiful furniture and aesthetically pleasing accessories.

    We offer a wide of range of TV units. These can support the heaviest box or sit stylishly under wall mounted units. They can incorporate flip down doors, shelves or drawers. Large or small, oak or teak. All with contemporary designs and made from solid materials - no veneer or plastics here! Then add vases, picture frames, plants or objects you love to soften the look of the TV.

    Lead times are quick, and your new TV unit will last through many World Cups to come. They'll give you more pleasure than watching England too! View all of our lovely tv units. Continue reading

  • How To Have your Wooden Coffee Table Looking its Best

    If, like me, you have spent time choosing your wooden coffee table, you want to show it off at its best. How do you do that? If you put lots of reading material on your table then that is likely to distract people from the main purpose of a coffee table- to socialise. Do you really want someone looking at your copy of “101 Gangster Films To See Before You Die” for the next 30 minutes while everyone else is discussing how nice your oak, teak, walnut or ash coffee table looks? A chum of mine has a set of those fiendishly difficult metal puzzles and seems to have one out for each day of the week. But again, it’s a distraction from social intercourse and unless everyone joins in it’s a dead-end. Continue reading

  • Drugeot Labo

    The super stylish Drugeot Labo is a must know brand of Atelier du Drugeot, a renowned manufacturer of high quality occasional designer furniture. The brand's production has been based in the Loire Valley in France for over 30 years, combining the best traditional cabinetmaking techniques with highly original contemporary wooden furniture design. This stunning shelving unit is, in our opinion, one of the finest examples of their work. Choose between coloured backings on the mini cubes (as seen here) or alternatively no backing at all, enabling the eye to see straight through. Continue reading

  • Tatra: Storage solved!


    We now offer fantastically flexible made-to-measure modular storage systems. Made of 100% solid European oak or solid American black walnut, our Tatra system is designed and built to an exceptional standard. Whether it's a small unit to fit into an alcove, or a large wall system to display a collection, the Tatra is a functional solution for all storage needs.

    Tatra was created due to the need for a solid wood modular storage system that could dismantle for delivery (to enable delivery of large storage units we needed it to come in sections that we build in situ – one that can get up staircases, over banisters and around tight corners). Continue reading

  • Metamorphic Table by John Reeves


    We've just launched the very cool oak Metamorphic folding table-cum-chair, as designed by the British furniture and product designer, John Reeves, and exclusive to Chest of Drawers. This innovative yet simple design offers a versatile solid oak side table which doubles up as a chair. Continue reading

  • Oak launch

    We are very proud to announce the recent launch of our new FSC oak range! We've been busy working hard over the past eleven months developing this new range of bedroom, dining and living room pieces, all made in FSC certified American white oak. Continue reading

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