• Mason table leaf levelling


    Our lovely Mason tables have a couple of hidden features to make using your table a bit easier. Have a look at this simple video to see how to use them. These features apply to all styles of Mason tables - oak, walnut, Fenix, ceramic. Continue reading

  • Grand Designs magazine: Eco hero feature

    Grand Designs feature Aug 2015


    A big thanks to Grand Designs for selecting us for this ECO + DESIGN feature! Being a responsible business is very important to us both in terms of our practices and our products. We've won some awards in this area and continue to seek out and work with manufacturers that produce responsibly. The workshop that makes our contemporary Caspian range, featured in this article, is based in Croatia. We’ve worked hard with them to ensure that we have transparent, traceable certification. Our FSC COC number is proof that we can track the piece from forest to showroom to your home. Each piece in our Caspian collection has this FSC certification. Continue reading

  • Our stand at Grand Designs 2015

    The Grand Designs show in 2015 was a massive hit, featuring the launch of new products and fabrics. Continue reading

  • Oak production

    Watch this video for a collection of images from our oak production!

    This workshop produces some of our largest and most characterful oak dining tables. With first class sawmill and kiln facilities, we can take the finest European oak and construct tables up to 7m long. Options include a smooth, contemporary look through to a knotted, cracked and natural edge appearance. The skilled craftsmen help us to offer many bespoke sizes from this workshop.

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  • Making of upholstered Chairs

    Watch this video for a collection of images from our upholstered chair markers!

    Belgium has a wonderful tradition of chair making that goes back centuries. Our European made and Belgian designed upholstered chairs benefit from this experience. Every aspect, from frame strength to fabric durability is vigorously tested and graded. The versatility of this workshop enables us to offer many colour and style options, making it possible to consider this your own customer chair facility!

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  • From Germany to Switzerland to Slovakia to England!

    Watch this video for a collection of images from our latest visit!

    Our wonderful table workshop combines decades of furniture making experience with wonderful, contemporary designs coming out of Germany and Switzerland. There is a fusion of styles, combining solid European oak and American walnut with metal pedestals, lacquered finishes and cutting edge German extension mechanisms.
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  • Our European FSC furniture - Production video

    From the heart of wonderfully managed and FSC certified European oak forests comes another great furniture workshop. We produce primarily our bedroom furniture here. Once again the fantastic saw mill and kiln facilities enable us to offer bespoke services, benefitting from generations of skilled carpenters in the area.
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  • Our hand made sofas - an insight into the workshop

    Have a look at a video we made at the workshop to see the seamstresses at work. Sorry about the background noise but that is the combination of the sewing machines and the pattern cutting machines!

    Our sofa makers create wonderful sofas, sofabeds, corner sofas and comfy armchairs. They take great care with style, ensuring function and design are equally important.

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