Jean-i-ous! Levi's Water>less jeans

These are cool, they have street cred and eco cred! Levi's have been busy making a fuss over waterless jeans, a project that looked at full life cycle of a pair of 501s and came up with a way to reduce the amount of water used over the life of the jeans to between 28-96%. What's really interesting is that 45% comes from the washing of the jeans once a consumer buys them. So that bit is not entirely in their control but that doesn't stop them - they have teamed up with a large laundry product manufacturer to address that side as well. Read more on their site. A pair of Levi's always looked good, now they look even better! So make sure to wash your Steve McQueen's in cold water!

We met up with Tim Larcombe, MD at Levi's, at the Guardian Sustainable Business awards where Levi's won an award for this project. Read what Tim's got to say about it on our interview page. There's a great video too!

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