Kay O'Callaghan exhibition | London Design Festival

We are pleased to host the London exhibition of Kay O'Callaghan during the London Design Festival 2015. Kay is a Canadian artist living in the UK and the Caribbean. For many years she worked as a teacher and during the school holidays she wrote children's books. She began painting after a chance meeting with Luise Kimme after a visit to Tobago.

A selection of Kay's work is on display at AIF London from 10 - 30 September as part of the London Design Festival. 

Kay has travelled to many parts of the world and when she discovered the Caribbean became interested in West Indian culture and traditions. She talks here about her work and her inspiration:

"I enjoyed the lilt and rhythms of the music, and the diversity of people and dialect. The Caribbean has become my favourite part of the world and I was especially drawn to Tobago of all the islands that I visited. So much so that I bought a house on the island, where it's internal and external beauty captivated me."

"The intense light and heat of tropical islands, lead to vivid colours in the earth, creatures and flora and fauna. These are mirrored in the costumes, the traditions and the buildings.

I am interested in how the dramatic contrasts of light and shade create intriguing silhouettes. A mystery is established that encourages the viewer to delve deeper. Heightened by subtle gestures, looks and the interplay of the characters my pictures of people look for a truth in the unguarded moment, the intimate positioning of space."

"I try to capture a moment in time, a glimpse, of the tropical beauty of the islands landscape and the people and creatures that live there, using oil pastels, oils and inks to express the exotic. Avoiding elegy or irony, I strive to convey insights of the present, of life lived and observed raw, revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary."

More of Kay's pieces can be found on www.kocallaghanart.com. During the London Design Festival 2015 a curated selection will be on display at AIF London's Islington showroom as part of the Islington Design Design District. Please come and visit us!

AIF London Islington | 281 Upper Street | London N1 2TZ | 020 7359 5909

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