Via Cph at London Design Festival

Adventures in Furniture introduces Danish brand Via CpH to the UK market at the London Design Festival. Read our exclusive interview with Troels Michelsen ahead of the UK launch.

AIF: You are well known in the Danish market but this is your first foray into the UK market, can you tell us about the faces behind the brand?

TM: Behind Via Cph is founder and co-owner, Soren Foverskov and co-owner Troels Michelsen. We are both self-made craftsmen with an extreme desire to create and develop design for the home. Soren has 30 years of experience in the home textile business, where he built a successful company. After 30 years of textile, something new had to happen and the concept of Via Cph was born. I have worked with furniture since the age of fourteen, and have always had a passion for creating furniture and home accessories.

AIF: You are launching The Box here at the London Design Festival, can you talk us through the process of its design?

TM: The Box is actually a design we "pulled out" of our creative archive. About 6 years ago I was inspired by the style of the old televisions from the 50's and 60's and believed that a nice piece of furniture could come of it. Originally it was supposed to be made in teak wood, but we decided that the light and more modern look of the oak wood was more appropriate for, both our present collection and the more general tendencies of the design market. I think we see ourselves more as "creators" rather than designers. When an idea pops into our head we just make it and see if it works. Maybe we change it a bit and maybe we cast it or best, we keep it as it is. We care very much about the details and think a product carefully through, but we do not make products that has overpriced details and we do not over-think products. That is why we can produce everything in Denmark, and still deliver fine quality at a reasonable price, which is a key part of our company foundation.

AIF: What does a typical day in the studio/workshop entail?

TM: We are as versatile as can be, and every day is different for us. We design, develop, make, sell, do PR, accounting, etc. so it is very difficult to answer the question exactly. But I can tell you that EVERY day is very rewarding and inspiring, because we get to do what we love; create and make objects that make people happy.

AIF: Which are your most memorable projects?

TM: Must have been the Scandinavian launch of our new line of products at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014 earlier this year. We went from doing coffee tables only to making a full range of products including; sofa, dining chairs, dining tables, desk, drawers and more. It was the most hectic period in the relatively short history of Via Cph but the response we experienced made it all worth it!

AIF: Will you pass on the craft to someone?

TM: I have a son, and two more to come soon, so I hope that maybe just one of them will find this interesting. I'm not planning to push anyone to share my passion, but my children are job-secured from the age of 8. :) And if they don't like this business they can always become footballers.

AIF: What are you launching here at the London Design Festival 2014?

TM: We are launching The Box, a small 1 drawer dresser and our brand new cushion collection, called Couture, which is based on the well-known fabric Cotil, designed by Børge Mogensen and Lis Ahlmann in the 50's. In addition we are also launching our desk, SLY, which is a small and light desk piece. It has a cabinet in oak or smoked oak and two sliding doors in 13 optional colours.

AIF: Do you have a secret London (or other) design destination that you’re willing to share?

TM: I get inspired by many things and often it is just ordinary things that you see in every city. So I really don't go somewhere special to learn about or see great design. It is more about timing for me... When your mind is open to creative thoughts, then almost every place in the world can inspire you.

AIF: Favourite London story?

TM: Oliver Twist is a classic!

AIF London will be showcasing classic and new VIA CpH pieces during the London Design Festival 2014. Troels is hoping to join us for our event party on Tuesday 16th September but is uncertain as he is awaiting the birth of his next designs - twins!

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