Upholstered Dining Chairs

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  1. Skara Dining Armchair
    Skara Dining Armchair
    From £516
  2. Skara Dining Chair
    Skara Dining Chair
    From £492
  3. Murto Axis Chair with arms
    Murto Axis Chair with arms
    From £705
  4. Murto Axis Chair
    Murto Axis Chair
    From £538
  5. Murto 4 Chair with arms
    Murto 4 Chair with arms
    From £627
  6. Murto 4 Chair
    Murto 4 Chair
    From £460
  7. Fendu Chair with arms
    Fendu Chair with arms
    From £534
  8. Fendu Chair
    Fendu Chair
    From £366
  9. Lasio Chair
    Lasio Chair
    From £456
  10. Lasio SG Counter Stool
    Lasio SG Counter Stool
    From £570
  11. Vazzy M4 Chair
    Vazzy M4 Chair
    From £232
  12. Vazzy W3 Chair
    Vazzy W3 Chair
    From £297
  13. Vazzy SGW65 Counter Stool
    Vazzy SGW65 Counter Stool
    From £397
  14. Bacio Chair
    Bacio Chair
    From £508
  15. Bacio Counter Stool
    Bacio Counter Stool
    From £535
  16. Bacio Bar Stool
    Bacio Bar Stool
    From £584
  17. Casti M Chair
    Casti M Chair
    From £347
  18. Casti W Chair
    Casti W Chair
    From £463
  19. Galli Chair
    Galli Chair
    From £510
  20. Galli PM Chair
    Galli PM Chair
    From £588
  21. Galli SG65 Counter Stool
    Galli SG65 Counter Stool
    From £574
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Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

Perfect for dining rooms and living areas, our beautifully crafted upholstered dining chairs will bring a touch of warmth and comfort to any area of your home. We have such a wide range of exquisitely designed chairs that there is something for all tastes and styles. From comfy bar stools, ideal for perching around a breakfast bar, to luxurious fabric dining chairs made for entertaining at the table. 

Our upholstered dining chairs are of the highest quality and come in many different styles. Whether you prefer an elegant high back, comfortable low back or beautiful bar stools, we’ve got such a variety of different woods and fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your table. Try out some of our awesome different wood finishes from a warming natural oak to a darker walnut shade.

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Whether you’re in need of soft stools, removable covers or a chair with or without arms, we can help you to create your perfect dining room.

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