Rectangle dining tables

Rectangle dining tables

Looking for a rectangle dining table? Whether you want a contemporary and classic style, fixed top or extending option, at Adventures in Furniture we have a beautiful range of rectangular dining tables for your home.

Designed to fit into dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms, our collection of handmade rectangle dining tables will match your space perfectly. And with solid oak, solid walnut, solid teak, ceramic, and Fenix options available, we’re sure to have a design that will meet your unique style aesthetic.

Want your rectangle dining table to be crafted using ethically sourced materials? Then we’ve got you covered. Built using the highest-quality craftsmanship, 100% solid wood, and a passion for well-thought-out sustainable design, your dining furniture will be environmentally friendly and built to last.

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26 Items

  1. Ethnicraft Pi Dining Table | Oak
    Ethnicraft Pi Dining Table | Oak

    From £1,849

  2. Bianco table - Extending | Fenix
    Bianco table - Extending | Fenix
    From £2,840
  3. Bianco table - Fixed | Fenix
    Bianco table - Fixed | Fenix
    From £1,339
  4. Bianco table - Fixed | Wood
    Bianco table - Fixed | Wood
    From £1,132
  5. Zurich table | Extending
    Zurich table | Extending
    From £2,997
  6. Zurich table | Fixed
    Zurich table | Fixed
    From £1,828
  7. Marco Table | Extending
    Marco Table | Extending
    From £1,887
  8. Brooklyn Table | Extending
    Brooklyn Table | Extending
    From £3,771
  9. Brooklyn Table | Fixed
    Brooklyn Table | Fixed
    From £2,260
  10. Ethnicraft Bok Teak Brown Dining Table
    Ethnicraft Bok Teak Brown Dining Table

    From £1,119

  11. Ethnicraft Air Oak Dining Table
    Ethnicraft Air Oak Dining Table

    From £1,349

  12. Tikona table | Extending
    Tikona table | Extending
    From £2,873
  13. Calesa table | Extending
    Calesa table | Extending
    From £4,005
  14. Calesa table | Fixed
    Calesa table | Fixed
    From £3,521
  15. Oak Geometric Black Dining Table
    Oak Geometric Black Dining Table

    From £3,339

  16. Oak Geometric Dining Table
    Oak Geometric Dining Table

    From £3,029

  17. solid teak extendable dining table with matching chairs and a modern design
    Ethnicraft Bok teak extending dining tables

    From £2,499

  18. Ethnicraft Bok Teak Dining Tables
    Ethnicraft Bok Teak Dining Tables

    From £1,229

  19. Davos table | Extending
    Davos table | Extending
    From £3,367
  20. solid extending dining table in an oak finish a modern dining table
    Ethnicraft Slice oak extending dining tables

    From £2,729

  21. slice-oak-dining-table
    Ethnicraft Slice oak dining tables

    From £1,249

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Extendable rectangle dining table for the perfect fit, every single time

If you enjoy hosting large dinner parties and special occasions, you’ll need a large dining table. But, where space is limited, finding the room can be tricky. At Adventures in Furniture, we believe that every home deserves the perfect dining space, that’s why we offer an exclusive range of extendable dining tables that can comfortably accommodate between 6 and 14 guests.

Extending seamlessly, and lightweight enough for one person to do so alone, without any heavy lifting, your furniture remains solid and robust, leaving no unsightly lines or splits in the tabletop. And, when you need to fold it away, because the extension leaf is hidden within the table, you don't need to worry about storage space.

What’s more, because we design our solid wood rectangle extending dining tables with a continuous wood grain on the leaf, you get a beautifully consistent pattern on the tabletop, regardless of the configuration.

Large rectangle dining tables for mealtimes with families and friends

Looking to maximise the home dining experience?  With a gorgeous selection of large rectangle dining tables  - crafted out of solid oak, solid walnut, solid teak, and more modern materials - we've got the perfect furniture for you.

With an impressive collection of exceptional designs, from Scandi-inspired tables that boast clean lines and a minimalist vibe, to more chunky, traditional favourites, and a huge range in between, our collection will excite and enthuse you! We even have a range of mixed material rectangle dining tables which combine wood and metal for a stunningly different vibe.

Our Oak Geometric black dining table displays enriched shapes and unexpected details, making it a true statement item. While our Ethnicraft Bok teak extending dining table combines an airy shape with a rock solid construction to make this table a timeless and remarkable design to enjoy for years to come. Or perhaps you’d prefer our gorgeous Zurich walnut dining table which comes in fixed and extendable models. Whatever your heart desires, we’ve got it covered.

Small rectangle dining tables for more intimate experiences

When creating a comfortable dining space, you can’t go wrong with a large, extravagant dining table. But not everyone has the room for a statement piece. At Adventures in Furniture, we've got a rectangle dining table for every home and every family. And, if you want the ultimate in design and sophistication, our small rectangle dining tables offer the ideal solution to every-day living, without taking up too much space.

Our small, but exquisitely formed rectangle dining tables are available with different customisable options. This includes table top and leg materials. And, with so many designs to choose from, whatever your taste and style, we are confident that we have something to inspire you. Our Bianco solid oak dining table starts at just 120 x 80 cm (larger options are also available). And, while our Zurich Fenix + walnut dining table might start small, there is no doubt this mixed-material design punches above its weight.

Of course, if you need a small rectangle dining table for day-to-day life, but still want to be able to sprawl out on occasion, we have an impressive range of dining tables that start small, but extend to meet your requirements, as and when you need them, without sustaining any wear and tear.

Sustainable wood rectangle dining table in a collection of styles

When it comes to long-lasting durability in a classic style, a wood rectangle dining table is a fantastic choice. Wood is strong and robust, so it is a perfect choice for furniture makers who are committed to creating enduring pieces.

Wood is also exceptionally tactile. In fact, we believe that our wooden tables feel so good that you won't be able to resist touching them! Regardless of changing design trends, a wooden rectangle dining table will always be in fashion. We have some beautifully contemporary wooden tables in our collection, and if you are looking for something really unique, we have curated a select range of mixed material rectangle dining tables that combine wood and metal for an exceptional avant-garde vibe.

If you want a rectangle wooden dining table for your home, we have a spectacular assortment for you to choose from. And whether you prefer dark wood, light wood, polished wood, natural wood, oak, walnut, or teak.

Solid oak rectangle dining table that is built to last

Offering the finest quality rectangle oak dining tables, in fixed and extendable options, we handcraft all our discerning modern oak dining tables using 100% European oak. And, because we promise no veneer, you can be confident of a quality piece of furniture that is both durable and long lasting. And, because we put our money where our mouth is, our bespoke oak rectangle dining tables all come with a lifetime guarantee.

With an outstanding selection of rectangle oak dining tables in contemporary, industrial, Nordic, modern Japanese, and cottagecore styles, our beautiful dining room tables meet a range of tastes and lifestyles. And, because they come with many custom options, you can make your oak dining table to order. So you always get the perfect piece of furniture for your home.

Our popular oak ranges include the oak Geometric rectangle dining table (also available in black), the Tate oak extending dining room table, the Bianco oak rectangle dining table collection, the Mason extendable rectangle dining table and the Zurich rectangle dining table. Shop our range of solid oak extending dining tables today!

Solid and smooth walnut rectangle dining table

A rectangle walnut dining table will add a touch of glamour in your home. That goes without saying. Walnut is a luxurious wood. It feels indulgent and timeless. The natural detailing of walnut brings an effective and opulent vibe to your dining space, and it has a velvety smooth finish that is hard to beat. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect wood for your dining room table, it’s impossible not to love walnut!

At Adventures in Furniture, we keep up to date with the latest trends in home design to make sure that we always meet our customers’ needs. And with a gorgeous range of walnut rectangle dining tables – many with extendable functionality – we have something that will inspire you.

Many of our modern walnut dining tables can be made to measure just for your home. And, as well as larger walnut dining tables – perfect for that timeless aesthetic - we also have slimmer contemporary rectangle walnut dining tables with thinner wooden legs should you desire a lighter and more spacious look in your dining space.

Teak rectangle dining table in extendable and fixed designs

Our 100% solid teak rectangular dining tables have been built to last a lifetime. And with a glass polished, hand finished raw beauty that adds character and warmth to any dining space, we are confident that you will want to keep them around for years to come.

What’s more, with a smooth shiny finish that brings oils to the surface, the finish on our teak rectangle dining tables creates a barrier against stains which may penetrate the wood over time. So, despite their opulence, an Adventures in Furniture teak dining table is perfect for everyday family life.

Handcrafted from solid teak wood, with beautifully filed edges and elegant, yet sturdy table legs, our collection of stunning rectangular dining tables combine beautiful contemporary design with practical functionality. And, whichever piece you choose, your teak rectangle dining table is sure to make a statement in your home. We also have a co-ordinating selection of teak dining chairs to compliment your new dining table.

Rectangle dining table and chairs for the complete dining room furniture

At Adventures in Furniture, we specialise in creating beautiful, practical dining room furniture. With a huge range of rectangle dining table and chairs, our collection will impress and inspire. Also, because we are passionate about creating long-lasting furniture, we craft our dining tables and chairs to last a lifetime. We produce the opposite of disposable furniture!

Whether you are looking for a rectangle dining table and chairs with clean lines and a minimalist vibe or more weighty, traditional furniture, all our pieces can be tailored to your tastes, lifestyle, and space. And with both fixed and extendable options, our stunning dining furniture is the perfect option for every occasion, from lavish dinner parties to small family meals.

Because we know that you want your rectangle dining table and chairs in place as soon as possible, your furniture can be produced in around 12 weeks. Our modern rectangle dining tables even have removable legs, making delivery access hassle-free.