Love Seats

Love Seats

Our love seats are perfect for two people to share or to curl up all by yourself. Create your own love seat sofa and snuggle up in a unique piece made for you.
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  1. Ambrose armchair wide
    Ambrose armchair wide
    Special Price £1,057 Was £1,175
  2. Reya armchair wide
    Reya armchair wide
    Special Price £1,243 Was £1,381
  3. Angel armchair wide
    Angel armchair wide
    Special Price £1,243 Was £1,381
  4. Angel leather armchair wide
    Angel leather armchair wide
    Special Price £2,149 Was £2,388
  5. Baltimore armchair wide
    Baltimore armchair wide
    Special Price £1,032 Was £1,147
  6. Bryce armchair wide
    Bryce armchair wide
    Special Price £1,243 Was £1,381
  7. Gem 2 seater sofa
    Gem 2 seater sofa
    Special Price £1,565 Was £1,739
  8. Gem armchair wide
    Gem armchair wide
    Special Price £877 Was £975
  9. Gem Bistro 2 seater sofa
    Gem Bistro 2 seater sofa
    Special Price £959 Was £1,066
  10. Hacienda armchair wide
    Hacienda armchair wide
    Special Price £1,243 Was £1,381
  11. Hammett armchair
    Hammett armchair
    Special Price £1,078 Was £1,198
  12. Hammett armchair wide
    Hammett armchair wide
    Special Price £1,159 Was £1,288
  13. Kenza Armchair wide
    Kenza Armchair wide
    Special Price £1,118 Was £1,242
  14. Luk armchair sofabed
    Luk armchair sofabed
    Special Price £1,691 Was £1,879
  15. Sunday armchair wide
    Sunday armchair wide
    Special Price £1,194 Was £1,327
  16. Tahoe armchair wide
    Tahoe armchair wide
    Special Price £1,194 Was £1,327
  17. Wave armchair wide
    Wave armchair wide
    Special Price £1,243 Was £1,381
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Contemporary Love Seats

A love seat is really a small sofa or a large chair designed for two people to share. Of course, it is also the perfect place to curl up on your own with a good book or pile of mags. It does have to be just the right size though. So like Goldilocks, we would say it can’t be too large or too small. Technically the only difference between a 2 seat sofa and a love seat is the size but there really isn’t a strict limit. If you ask us we believe a love seat should accommodate 2 people who are happy to sit cosily side by side or 1 person curled or draped over the arms. Probably something around 130cm.

Go Bold With Colour

The best thing about a smaller piece is that you can really play with colour and texture. It’s small so be bold with a pop of dramatic colour or go pale and neutral with coloured cushions and throws to add the accent colour. We love a velvet love seat but they can look so elegant in muted leather or striking in turquoise cotton. One of our customers recently created a white velvet love seat with the Angel wide and it looks stunning in her all-white living room. Whether you want a red velvet statement love seat or a grey leather classic look, the love seat is a perfect piece to create your 'chilled out' sitting area

Love Seats For All Spaces

These days we have so many people asking for an alcove sofa or a kitchen sofa – our informal lifestyles mean that we entertain (and lounge) all over the home. Some of the best love seats can fit into those little spaces and afford an extra level of comfort. Kitchen sofas work well with an easy to clean synthetic fabric or synthetic mix fabric. A loose cover frame like those on our Angel wide chair is ideal for kitchens. This allows for complete removal of the frame cover and all cushion covers.

Comfortable Love Seats

Many of our love seats are available with standard foam cushions or lux foam and feather cushions. The feel of these different cushions is as important as the look. A standard foam cushion appears more tailored while the Lux feather and foam cushions offer support with a squashy top layer of feathers.

Our Best Selling Love Seats

The Angel wide love seat had a really attractive shape and with its high arms provides a super cosy almost insular feel. Rest your feet over the arm and kick back. The Tahoe wide armchair is another good love seat at 130cm wide with a structured line, elegant slim legs and a nice angled arm to leave against. The Loki wide offers that sleeker shape with either a fixed seat cushion or loose and many other custom options like wood or metal feet, several armrest widths. The Hammett comes in two different love seat widths Hammett 120 or the Hammett 135cm is a wonder when it comes to comfort. The Bryce is another great love seat because the padded side cushions zipped onto the arms are perfect for luxurious padding all around.

Fabric And Leather Love Seats

Our love seats are available in hundreds of fabrics and colours as well as leather. The only one that isn’t available in leather is the Bryce. See our fabric guide for more information.