Small corner sofas

Small corner sofas

When creating a comfortable living space, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable corner sofa. But what if you don't have room for a large statement piece? At Adventures in Furniture, we  got a small corner sofa for every home and every family. And, if you want the ultimate in design and relaxation, our small corner sofas provide the perfect solution without taking up too much space.

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Small L-shape Sofa

Bang on-trend, our small L-shaped sofas are ideal where space is tight. Suitable for apartment living, snugs, home offices, and cosy lounges, our handmade L-shaped sofas make the most of all available space while adding immediate impact.

Available in various styles and fabric options, many of our small L-shape sofa frames are FSC certified, and we build them all using the highest quality craftsmanship. So, when you choose an Adventures in Furniture sofa, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time.

Our Loki L-shaped sofa uses modular components so that you can adapt the system to create your perfect shape and size. Our curvaceous Reya sofa with chaise is one of our most compact corner sofa options. And, inspired by the 1970s, our Bryce sofa offers a higher level of comfort. The Blade corner sofa and the Wave corner sofa both offer a narrow depth in addition to compact corner lengths. With these designs and more to choose from, our select small L-shaped sofa range is both beautiful and practical. 

Small right-hand corner sofa

If you've got your heart set on a corner sofa, but don’t have a huge living space, we have a compact option for you in our stunning range. And, because we’ll design your sofa to meet your tastes, needs and space, whether you want a small right-hand corner sofa or a left-hand design, we've got it covered. 

Our attractive sofas are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations. Simply choose your sofa design, corner option (right or left), fabric, colour and finishing touches, and we’ll create your perfect sofa designed around you.

Opening the floor in the middle of your room, creating a sociable space, and making your room look bigger and feel airier, a corner sofa is hard to beat. If you are not sure what kind of corner sofa you need, we're here to help.

Grey small corner sofa

Boasting a soft but strikingly elegant colour, a small grey corner sofa is utterly timeless. Working in harmony with your walls and accessories, grey is gentler than black but more dramatic than white, and your small grey corner sofa can be used in both cool and colourful rooms.

The neutral pallet of a grey corner sofa is one of its most appealing qualities. Because - as grey goes with anything - you can refresh the mood of your room quickly and easily, without the expense of having to change your sofa. Mix gorgeous grey with dusky pink in spring to create a fresh feel, or rich plums in winter for a cosier vibe.

Perfectly practical and utterly stunning, a small grey corner sofa will stand out without dominating. Pair your corner sofa with wood furniture accents and natural textiles to create a warm organic look or use bold dark greys to add depth to modern industrial-styled rooms. Alternatively, a deep anthracite velvet will look sumptuous in a deliciously dark living room. The choice is entirely up to you.

Blue small corner sofa

When it comes to the latest looks for lounging, blue never goes out of fashion, so it manages to be both timeless and trendy. To make the most of your living space, our small blue corner sofas can be designed to suit you and fit perfectly into your home. 

With a range of shades of blue available for your small corner sofa, from soft light pastels to turquoise and indigo, blue is extremely versatile. So it's no wonder it continues to be such a popular choice. What's more, it's easy to change the accent of your small blue corner sofa with cushions, furnishings, and accessories. So you can create a different vibe depending on the seasons (or just because!).

Use silver and grey furnishings with a small blue corner sofa to create a relaxed, sophisticated ambience. Alternatively, complementary yellow/mustard walls and cushions can make a small navy-blue L-shaped sofa really pop. A sofa in a pale shade of blue can also make a room feel bigger, while an indigo-navy sofa will add a touch of drama to cool monochromatic spaces. And of course, a well-designed sofa always looks gorgeous in blue velvet.

Black small corner sofa

A bold choice in home design, a small black corner sofa is perfect for both minimalist and maximalist interiors. But it's not just the way it looks that makes a black sofa stand out. Resilient to stains such as coffee and red wine, a smart and stylish compact black sofa is also a hugely practical choice.

Black is a sought-after trend in interior design, with many homeowners opting to give their rooms a genuinely decadent feel by painting the walls (and even the ceilings!) deep shades of charcoal. If you want to embrace the dark side but don't want to go quite as extreme, a small black corner sofa is the answer.

Tempted to go black but unsure how to decorate around an inky sofa? Consider dusky pinks to add light and balance or olive greens to make that sofa pop. Feeling brave? You can use leopard prints, neon-signage, and gold furnishings to create a unique and striking look. Alternatively, consider crisp white walls to craft a sensation of space and brightness.

Small corner sofa fabric options

Our select small corner sofa range comprises eight stunning designs, all available with right and left-corner options. And, with so many fabrics to choose from, whatever your taste and style, we guarantee that we'll inspire you 

Small corner velvet sofas

It's the lavishness of velvet that really sets it apart. And, if you want a small velvet corner sofa to add depth, warmth, and elegance to a compact space, we've got you covered with velvets in everything from navy blue and garden green to deep orange and raspberry pink.

Small corner linen sofas

If you prefer soft, organic, breathable fabrics, our linen and cotton blend options include a beautiful range of neutrals such as steel, camel, and olive. We also have 100% flax fabrics available in a striking natural pallet.

Small corner cotton sofas

At Adventures in Furniture, we have some stunning 100% cotton options. Deep claret, indigo, and wine red is perfect for those who prefer a bold look. While our light grey and neutral hues are essential to create that sought-after Scandi-vibe. And of course, all our cottons are rich in tone and lusciously soft.

Hardwearing fabrics for small corner sofas

Our 100% polyester velvet is perfect for family living and those with pet-friendly requirements without losing out on style. While our hardwearing wool sofas are a popular choice for those who prefer that classic country style. What's more, our Aquaclean velvet uses the latest technology, so it's easy to get rid of any household stains.

Sustainable fabrics for small corner sofas

With a commitment to the environment and ethical practices, we use sustainable materials wherever possible to construct our sofas and other furniture. With recycled options and FSC certified frames, you can be sure of a couch with a full guarantee of environmental consciousness.

Compact corner sofa

Everyone wants a comfortable space to relax in, and a small room doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. At Adventures in Furniture, our exclusive, compact corner sofas are super sumptuous and beautiful to look at, with an array of fashions from mid-century Scandinavian to modern Japanese.

Pick your favourite design from our select compact corner sofa range, choose your preferred fabric, colour, and design, and we'll help you to customise the legs and armrests to create exactly the right feel for you.

Our made-to-order compact corner sofas are ethically and expertly crafted to your vision and delivered to your home in around eight weeks. And, to make sure the process is hassle-free from start to finish, many of our compact corner sofas can be broken down and the legs removed for easy delivery.