Chaise Sofas

Chaise Sofas

Ready to put your feet up? Welcome to our gorgeous range of modern chaise sofas. A modern piece that is versatile, comfortable and available in a range of configurations for your home.
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Chaise End Sofas

A chaise end sofa allows you to sit back, put your feet up and relax. It's essentially a sofa with a built-in footstool on the left or right side. This is a great configuration because it is made up of a sofa section connected to a chaise longue section.

It's natural to want to lounge around and have some well-deserved downtime after a long day, and where better to do it than on one of our modern chaise sofas. Each of our chaise sofas is made with wonderful craftsmanship that pulls the fabric flawlessly around each bend of the sofa with style. Our exclusive range of chaise end sofas are made in Europe and are FSC certified.

Take your pick on our superb range of exclusive chaise sofa designs. Whether you're looking to invest in a modern 3 seater chaise sofa or 4 seater chaise sofa, we have a beautiful collection to suit your home.

Our modern chaise sofa range is a perfect piece for your living room to bring out that "wow" factor and provide you the ideal place to relax. Sumptuous in look, each of our modern chaise end sofas bring a simplicity that oozes character with no overly complicated styles, so space, style and comfort are at the forefront of each of our chaise sofas.

Selecting one of our chaise sofas is great for the additional lounging factor and they allow you to kick your feet up and really settle into the seating to relax after a long day with either our foam or feather cushions.

For added versatility, our Luk chaise sofa range allows you to change the chaise to either be on the left or right hand side. This is great if you plan to move home in the future or just like to rearrange your furniture from time to time.

It's certainly worth planning the layout of your room to determine the best position for a right hand chaise sofa or left hand chaise sofa. Whenever we talk about corner positions, we stand facing the sofa. A right hand chaise sofa will mean that when the back of the sofa is against a wall the chaise in on the right as you face it. All of our chaise end sofas have a right or left chaise option and we are happy to help you plan your room if you have the measurements.

The most eye-catching part of a chaise sofa is the unique shape in comparison to corner sofas, to add that special touch to your living room. Our modern chaise sofas have different shaped edges, from smooth curves adding a soft and inviting comfort; to straight edges to bring a clean, confident look.

A sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your home. Spoil yourself with our beautiful range of chaise end sofas today. Better yet, pop into either of our London showrooms, conveniently located in Chiswick & Islington, to experience the comfort of our chaise sofa range!

Modern Corner Chaise Sofas

The modern corner chaise sofa is a great way to utilise the space of your living room and provide additional seating. As the corner is often the most popular seat on the corner chaise sofa, we've created a beautiful corner chaise sofa range that leaves a spacious corner seat for sprawling out with a great book or curling up with a loved one for a movie night.

Space conscious people benefit greatly from a modern corner chaise sofa as every nook and cranny of your sofa wall is used up to create maximum seating. It is a common concern that corner chaise sofas may be too large and bulky in your living room. However, many of our modern corner chaise sofas have narrow depths such as the Bryce set 1, Bryce set 2, Blade set 5 and Jules set 2, which has a narrow 86cm depth.

With different size options, from sofa, chaise and even down to the armrest, we can easily help you find a corner chaise sofa that's best suited for your living space. After selecting your chaise sofa style and colour, you can finalise the little details by selecting metal or wooden legs so your modern corner chaise sofa will be truly bespoke to your style and personality.

We know that the seat in the corner with the chaise is the one that everyone wants but we even have 2 sizes of chaise in many of our sofas making it easy to fit two people in the coveted corner!

Fabric Options For Your Chaise Sofa

The fabric choice you select for your chaise sofa is just as important as the sofa itself. For that reason, at Adventures in Furniture we host a range of fabrics, leathers, velvets, linens, cottons, chenille’s or even chic combinations of differing materials. With expert advice from our sales team on which material would help you to achieve the look you desire or what is most practical for your lifestyle, we will be sure to create a chaise end sofa that is perfect to you.

For your choice, we have thicker or thinner fabrics which cushion you differently as you settle into your seat which feels indulgent. Some of our fabrics have differing textures to add more dimensions to your sofa which make your chaise sofa a stand out feature of your room or smoother fabrics which create a sleek look. With beautiful leathers, you can bespoke your contemporary chaise sofa with this hard wearing and long lasting material that creates an extra supportive seat and opulent style.

We have a fabric guide for you to touch and explore, full of our fabric and leather collections or you can order free fabric swatches online so you can take your time to consider your choice.

If you have particularities which you want considered when choosing your fabric, such as pets or young children, just let one of our friendly sales team know and they can guide you on the fabrics which will best suit your style and lifestyle.

Colour Options For Your Chaise Sofa

We offer you over 100 different colours and fabrics across our range of chaise sofas. With shades of ocean blues and stone greys that bring a light, simplicity to your living room or stunning pops of colour that are fun and on trend like mustard yellow, we can help you to find and design the most stylish modern chaise sofa for your home.

The chaise sofa you select is an investment piece into your home and your comfort, so it is of the utmost importance that you love every detail about it, especially how it looks. You shouldn't need to redecorate your whole living room for a new chaise sofa, if you don't want to. So our varying shades and colour palettes will help you to create a timeless chaise end sofa that fits into your living room.

Our modern chaise sofas can be a sedate piece for winding down with neutral stone shades or warmer nude shades. Or you can go all out with your new luxury piece and make it a vibrant statement, whilst also adding the comfort that comes with our modern chaise sofas.

Our Best Selling Chaise Sofas

For a super sleek, low slung look the Loki set 1 and Loki set 2 offers fixed or loose seat cushions and a variety of custom options, including higher legs if you want to raise the seat height. The details of the Hacienda set 1 offer style in a relatively compact depth with a softer shape while the and the Tahoe set 1 is the ultimate combination of stylish angles and details.

Adventures in Furniture sectional chaise options are made in Europe and are FSC certified.

There are many different sectional configurations so if the chaise doesn't give you all the space you need to put your feet up, consider a larger L shaped sectional sofa.

For further information about our range of chaise sofas and corner chaise sofas, please drop in to one of our London showrooms or speak to our friendly sales team today!