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A note about solid wood furniture

Mother nature chooses to make each of her trees unique! We love the unique nature of real wood and consider unusual grain patterns or positions/sizes of knots to be part of the beauty of solid wood. As required, knots and shakes (see below) are sometimes filled with wood filler or an inlaid piece. Solid wood is hygroscopic, meaning that it adapts to the climatic atmosphere in your home, expanding and contracting with temperature and humidity. With central heating and seasonal changes, the atmosphere may change significantly over the year. Small amounts of movement and ‘shakes’ (small cracks) may occur. Sometimes these correct themselves over time, or can be disguised with hard wax, etc. This is not considered to be a fault.

As a general rule real wood products should be kept away from direct heat sources (radiators etc.). Liquids and/or heat may cause marks on a surface - please use coasters/heat pads where appropriate. There are some commercial products to help with scratches, water marks and shakes and these can be helpful but we’re always happy to advise if you have any questions.


Furniture care

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