Furniture Care

A note about solid wood furniture

Mother nature chooses to make each of her trees unique! We love the unique nature of real wood and consider unusual grain patterns or positions/sizes of knots to be part of the beauty of solid wood. As required, knots and shakes (see below) are sometimes filled with wood filler or an inlaid piece. Solid wood is hygroscopic, meaning that it adapts to the climatic atmosphere in your home, expanding and contracting with temperature and humidity. With central heating and seasonal changes, the atmosphere may change significantly over the year. Small amounts of movement and ‘shakes’ (small cracks) may occur. Sometimes these correct themselves over time, or can be disguised with hard wax, etc. This is not considered to be a fault.

As a general rule real wood products should be kept away from direct heat sources (radiators etc.). Liquids and/or heat may cause marks on a surface - please use coasters/heat pads where appropriate. There are some commercial products to help with scratches, water marks and shakes and these can be helpful but we’re always happy to advise if you have any questions.

Furniture care

Please lift, rather than push or pull your furniture when you move it from one location to another. Below we outline simple guidelines that will help to keep your pieces looking and functioning well over the years. In general, always allow plenty of ventilation when oiling or waxing your furniture. Apply wax or oil in the same direction as the grain of the wood and follow the application instructions.

Cleaning your Fenix table


FENIX NTM surface should be cleaned regularly but does not require any special maintenance, just a damp cloth with warm water or mild detergents. Almost all normal household cleaning products or disinfectants are perfectly well tolerated. Always rinse with water to avoid build up of any residue.


It is suggested to use a melamine foam - also known as a magic sponge - to remove liquid/food stains. Wet the sponge, wring out so it is just damp, use gentle, circular motion to remove stain. Rinse well with water.
In case of dirt which cannot be cleaned with normal household detergents, due to the irregular topography and closed surface of FENIX NTM, the use of non-aggressive aromatic solvents (acetone) is suggested.

Please watch our video for more information. 

Lacquered finishes

Treated with a stain and lacquer these pieces are sealed and thus require nothing more than an occasional dusting with a clean cloth. Do not use commercial sprays as these normally contain silicones which can eventually dull your furniture. If necessary lacquer can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth. Damage that results in breaking the lacquer surface can usually be solved with expert advice.

Natural oiled finishes - NEW VIDEO

This finish is most like wood in its natural state, allowing the full beauty of the grain to come through. Oiling doesn’t provide a full seal though so spillages should be wiped up immediately. It is a good idea to re-oil pieces when they are delivered to your home to replenish the finish and give your pieces a good start in their new location. The oil can be used to replenish the protection and patina. For most homes, oiling every 3-6 months for the first few years should be sufficient. For very dry centrally heated rooms or conservatories re-oiling might be needed more frequently. If this finish gets marked it can be sanded and re-oiled. Some temporary colour difference might be noticed but that should right itself with exposure to air and light.

White oiled finishes

Some of our furniture is finished with a white combination hardwax/oil. This is combination of oil & wax. For daily care the oiled surface can be cleaned with a mild solution of soap & water (avoid aggressive soaps) or with a special soap for oiled surfaces. Any stain should be removed immediately from the surface. The oiled treatment protects the wood against staining by most common fluids but is no guarantee against stains. Apply the oil once or twice a month for the first three months. This will restore the initial coating and seal the pores of the timber, forming a natural protection against everyday wear and tear. Afterwards an application twice a year should be sufficient to maintain the finish. Stains & small scratches can be removed locally. Only the stained part needs to be re-treated to restore its initial coating and protect the surface again.

Glass polished teak finishes

Our teak furniture comes with no finish at all. It is given a thorough glass polishing that leaves it very smooth and totally natural in colour. For everyday care this teak can be cleaned with a mild solution of water & soap (washing-up liquid). Frequent washing with the soap solution will increase the surface resistance. Of course if you would like to deepen the colour you can use teak oil -follow the directions carefully. There are commercial stain absorbing powders to remove stubborn oil, grease & fat stains. Just put some powder on the stain and leave for a few hours. Any residue should be removed using a fine sand paper. Always sand in the direction of the grain.

Leather care

Our leather armchairs, sofas and sofa beds should be kept away from direct heat sources, direct sunlight and most definitely sharp items that might have been left in pockets! Leather comes in many different forms, colours and finishes so please ask about your specific piece.

Mattress care

Our mattresses are all handmade in London by a small family workshop which has been making mattresses for over 30 years. Our pocket sprung and open coil mattresses are made of high quality materials and covers. These mattresses are guaranteed for 5 years but should last much longer if proper turning and care is given. We recommend that you turn mattresses each week for the first month and every 3 months thereafter.

Perfect Przemek – our recommended furniture specialist

Perfect Przemek – our recommended furniture specialist

Przemek can do just about anything when it comes to furniture. He is a specialist finisher, providing clients with a high level of finishing, refinishing or repair.
Przemek will travel to your home and can do most work there. He is well qualified and wholly trustworthy.
He has worked with us at Adventures in Furniture for over 10 years and we rely on his expertise in areas from construction to finishing.

Whether you need a small job of cable holes cut in the back of furniture or a complete overhaul of dining tables, antiques, etc. we know that he will do the work in a careful, considerate manner and he is a lovely person to have around.

Contact Przemek

Przemek’s work is not offered as part of Adventures in Furniture service and is not included in our guarantees. We are happy to recommend him as the person we use and trust but any work undertaken by him is on a private basis. Structural alterations to pieces may not be covered by our guarantee.