Teak Dining Tables

Teak Dining Tables

Our 100% solid teak dining tables will last a lifetime and come with a glass polished, hand finished raw beauty. In rectangular and round styles and many sizes.
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  1. Ethnicraft PI Dining Table | Fixed | Brown Teak
    Ethnicraft PI Dining Table | Fixed | Brown Teak

    From £1,409

  2. Ethnicraft Bok Teak Brown Dining Table
    Ethnicraft Bok Teak Brown Dining Table

    From £1,119

  3. Mikado Teak Rectangular Outdoor Dining Tables
    Mikado Teak Rectangular Outdoor Dining Tables

    From £1,959

  4. solid teak extendable dining table with matching chairs and a modern design
    Ethnicraft Bok teak extending dining tables

    From £2,499

  5. Ethnicraft Bok Teak Dining Tables
    Ethnicraft Bok Teak Dining Tables

    From £1,229

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Solid Teak Dining Tables

Our 100% teak dining tables are a beautifully glass polished furniture piece to add bundles of character to your dining space. Here at AIF, our handcrafted teak dining tables provide a smooth shiny finish that brings oils to the surface which helps to create a barrier against stains which may penetrate the wood over time.

This wonderful advancement makes teak dining tables a valuable piece to growing families or anyone prone to accidental spillages. Our bespoke dining tables are easy to clean and the teak wood is extremely robust and will stand the test of time against normal wear and tear. With beautifully filed edges and elegant yet study table legs, each of our modern teak dining tables are strong in resilience and have a soft overall look with their smooth edges.

Our modern teak tables are handcrafted from solid teak wood that is comprised of recycled timber and plantation timber. With exclusive designs in round and rectangular shapes that are available in a range of sizes, there is something for everyone at Adventures in Furniture. For those who want to put a distinctive stamp on their living space without having to repaint the walls, the clean finish augments the teak grain and patterning, making the dining table stand out as a unique statement in your dining room.

Rectangular Teak Dining Tables

We have an array of stunning rectangular dining tables which fit the shape of most rooms, offering practicality in the space they take up. With straight edges, our range of rectangular teak dining tables have a suitable amount of seating for you and your loved ones.

Combining beautiful contemporary design with practical functioning, you can browse through our stunning collection to find a stylish teak rectangular dining table to fit your style choice.

The rectangular table is a classic yet timeless choice and the uncomplicated design makes it a minimalist's fantasy. Our rectangular dining tables come in differing sizes ranging from 140cm by 140cm to 220cm by 100cm, giving you the luxury to pick the size that best suits you to comfortably seat 10 people at your next dinner party.

The slender shape of our solid teak tables means that the dining chairs you choose to compliment your teak table will tuck under the table effortlessly, giving the view that the table is daintier and fits into your room naturally. Why not browse through our teak dining chairs to compliment your new dining table.

Round Teak Tables

Our contemporary round dining tables are a perfect choice for those wanting to stray from the traditional rectangular table and create a simple yet impressionistic look in your home. Bringing a fresh, quirkier style to your dining space, our round teak dining tables have a simple polished glass look, bringing attention to the unparalleled craftsmanship of the wood and stunning wood lines.

Available in a range of sizes, the modern round teak dining table is a great choice for a cosy chat or a larger dining party, where every dish is in arms reach for all. A favourite feature of ours with round teak tables is the more intimate feel for everyone as you feel closer together.

Additionally the cross-legged design means that there is ample room for everyone's legs and nobody feels cramped together. But you can be rest assured that the smoothly crafted shape allows our round teak tables to look sleek and creates a good flow around the table, both in style and conversation.

With glass polish, our round teak tables are smooth and resistant to stains making them practical and easy to clean. The teak dining table is a wonder for social family occasions as it is cosy for family dinner and durable against our young customers; spillages. Paired with some of our boldly beautiful or neutral toned seats, your round teak dining table will be an inviting space for all of your friends and family.

Teak Extendable Dining Tables

At Adventures in Furniture, we want to bring everyone a dining table that fits them perfectly. Our extending teak dining tables are a great way to fit into everyone's home as they offer a smaller size which you can extend when you want to host larger dining events using a simple extension mechanism. If you have little ones who love to run around or just enjoy additional floor space, you can close the extension, bringing your teak dining table into a smaller size and thus allowing you to maximise room space.

Our exclusive range of teak extendable dining tables are a beautiful furniture piece that will be an investment for a lifetime. Teak naturally is a light coloured wood which is emphasised by our glass polish, so this dining table choice will bring extra light into your room and create a spacious and bright feeling even when extended.

AIF are well known for our collection of beautifully crafted modern extending dining tables. We encourage you to browse our range of extending dining tables, available in Oak, Walnut, Fenix & Ceramic finishes. Should you have any questions, please speak to our friendly sales team or visit one of one London showrooms, conveniently located in Chiswick & Islington.