Modern Corner Sofas

Meet our super comfy modern corner sofas, available in a generous range of fabrics, colours and configurations. From left-hand corner sofas to velvet corner sofas, we have everything you need in one place.

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  1. Kevy Corner Sofa - Set 6
    Kevy Corner Sofa - Set 6
    From £5,104
  2. Kevy Corner Sofa - Set 5
    Kevy Corner Sofa - Set 5
    From £4,742
  3. Vish Corner Sofa - Set 3
    Vish Corner Sofa - Set 3
    From £4,788
  4. Vish Corner Sofa - Set 2
    Vish Corner Sofa - Set 2
    From £4,889
  5. Vish Corner Sofa - Set 1
    Vish Corner Sofa - Set 1
    From £4,278
  6. Kiwi W261cm Configuration
    Kiwi W261cm Configuration
    From £4,507
  7. Kiwi W335cm Configuration
    Kiwi W335cm Configuration
    From £5,754
  8. Nappa Corner Sofa - Set 3
    Nappa Corner Sofa - Set 3
    From £3,770
  9. Nappa Corner Sofa - Set 2
    Nappa Corner Sofa - Set 2
    From £3,640
  10. Nappa Corner Sofa - Set 1
    Nappa Corner Sofa - Set 1
    From £3,480
  11. Kiwi Corner Sofa - Set 4
    Kiwi Corner Sofa - Set 4
    From £5,931
  12. Kiwi Corner Sofa - Set 3
    Kiwi Corner Sofa - Set 3
    From £6,473
  13. Kiwi Corner Sofa - Set 2
    Kiwi Corner Sofa - Set 2
    From £5,275
  14. Ambrose Corner Sofa - Set 2
    Ambrose Corner Sofa - Set 2
    From £3,512
  15. Ambrose Corner Sofa - Set 1
    Ambrose Corner Sofa - Set 1
    From £3,062
  16. Angel Corner Sofa - Set 4
    Angel Corner Sofa - Set 4
    From £4,684
  17. Angel Corner Sofa - Set 5
    Angel Corner Sofa - Set 5
    From £4,997
  18. Austin Corner Sofa - Set 1
    Austin Corner Sofa - Set 1
    From £3,541
  19. Austin Corner Sofa - Set 2
    Austin Corner Sofa - Set 2
    From £3,851
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Contemporary Corner Sofas

Adventures in Furniture’s wide range of contemporary corner sofas give you flexibility in shape and size so you can design your space according to your lifestyle. We have styles that offer super deep lounging with extra room to curl up and watch films and many, many compact ranges to maximise tighter spaces. Crucially, and above all other criteria, they need to be comfortable.

We have many styles, hundreds of fabrics and colours and lots of ways to bespoke your modern corner sofa. Choose from large L shaped sofas, massive U shaped sofas fit for a cinema room and sofas with chaise lounge options – all giving you space to sit back and put your feet up. There are even sleeper sofas for those times when you need an extra bed. All of our styles are designed with a clean lined, contemporary feel that timelessly fits into any space.

Large Corner Sofas

If you’re looking for a large corner sofa, you have come to the right place. Our large corner sofas are super comfortable and combine unparalleled design with high quality craftsmanship.

Our collection of large corner sofas are available in many configurations to match your preferences, including L shape corner sofas, U shape corner sofas and corner chaise sofas. You may wish to complement your large corner sofa with our beautiful modern dining tables or extending dining tables.

Need a 4 seater corner sofa or 5 seater corner sofa? No problem. We have a stunning range of large corner sofas perfectly suited for larger family gatherings.

Our popular large corner sofas include the Baltimore corner sofa - set 1, Angel corner sofa - set 5, Baltimore corner sofa - set 2, Hacienda corner sofa - set 3, and the Hammet corner sofa - set 7. Take a browse and find your perfect large corner sofa right here at Adventures In Furniture.

For further information about our large corner sofas, please contact our friendly sales team or visit our London showrooms.

Fabric Options For Your Modern Corner Sofas

Our modern corner sofas come in a few different types of leather, many different velvets, all natural cottons and linens, chenilles and vast range of robust synthetics. Need pet friendly or family friendly fabrics? We have upholstery options for everyone. Get a detailed overview in our fabric guide.

Sizes For The Whole Family and More

Most of our contemporary corner sofas are available in sections so we can create the perfect size for you. If you need a very large modern corner sofa to encircle your room or create a home entertainment area with seats for 10 we’ve got you covered. If you want to squeeze every last bit of reclining space out of the compact living room you have we have that as well. From the most compact modern corner sofa to a sprawling lounger we can create the right combination. Tricky angle in a bay window? No problem, ask about a 30 degree curved corner sofa.

A Word About Colours and Fabrics…

When choosing fabric for your modern corner sofa, we often start with colour, performance and touch criteria. In addition to the upholstery on your contemporary corner sofa, all of our fabric can be ordered by the metre. We can offer Customer’s Own Material (COM) as long as it is accompanied by the correct certificates to show it meets the proper legal fire safety regulations. Please ask about the procedures and restrictions for using your own material on our modern corner sofas. Our own range of fabrics includes a massive selection of colours from the most neutral shades to the boldest of vibrant hues. Don’t underestimate the effect colour can have on a living space, from creating a mood to making a statement, colour can enhance your life in subtle and not so subtle ways.

Bestselling Corner Sofas and Sets

With most of our sofas available as corner sofas, there is a lot of choice. If you don’t see the one you need, let us know what you want and we’ll create it for you from a variety of sections, called a set. Our Austin corner sofas are for lovers of a high back sofa and our Blade corner sofas fit the bill when looking for a compact corner sofa. The Loki corner sofa is our sleek and contemporary model with a large variety of custom options including 5 different arm rest styles. The Vega corner sofas and the Luk corner sofas come with integral beds for overnight guests, offering extra flexibility.

Modern Corner Sofas That Are Built To Last

Adventures in Furniture corner sofas are built to last from quality materials. Each of our handmade sofas is constructed with FSC certified wood and premium fabrics. They are constructed with care and this is backed up with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee on all frames. We use high resiliency foam in our cushions to ensure a perfect fit and a perfect sit. Read more about cushion options in our sofa buying guide

Lead Times For Your Modern Corner Sofa

Our helpful and friendly sales teams love to talk about sofas – they have great knowledge of our corner sofas and want to help you find the perfect sofa for you by discovering the style, shape and fabric. Custom is not only creative but it’s personal. Visit our London showrooms to speak to one of us today or contact us here.