Walnut Dining Tables

Walnut Dining Tables

Discover our range of 100% solid walnut dining tables in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of our modern walnut dining tables can be made to measure just for your home
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    Brooklyn Table | Fixed
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    Marco Table | Fixed
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Modern Walnut Dining Tables

Our 100% walnut dining tables bring the beautiful nutty brown tones of walnut wood into focus by keeping our walnut tables simple in design and well-polished. As one of our most durable and resilient tables, our modern walnut dining table is solid and rich in look.

The natural detailing of walnut wood brings an effective and opulent vibe to your dining space for everyone to enjoy. The walnut dining tables have a combined oil and wax finish which creates an effortless shine for these contemporary pieces, and they offer a timelessness unmatched by any other.

With a variety of shapes and sizes that can be made to measure as bespoke pieces for your home we have larger walnut dining tables which can bear heavier loads of weight and offer practicality for most tasks. Contrastingly we also have slimmer modern walnut dining tables with thinner wooden legs, creating a lighter and more spacious look in your dining space.

In addition to modern walnut dining tables, we also have a beautiful range of solid oak dining tables, teak dining tables, ceramic top dining tables and extending dining tables. So, you’re sure to find a dining table you love right here at AIF London.

Extending Walnut Dining Tables

Here at Adventures In Furniture, we can help you design the perfect walnut dining table to suit your needs and the style of your room. The extending walnut dining tables also come in a variety of sizes as an additional option to really make the most of your dining space.

All our extendable walnut dining tables incorporate a seamless extension mechanism, allowing for one person to easily extend and compact the table when required. When extended, your solid walnut dining table will easily accommodate 10 guests during your next dinner party.

Browse our website where you can choose from a broad variety of extendable walnut dining tables, available in a range of designs and sizes. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find a beautiful handmade dining table with us.

Solid Walnut Dining Tables

Solid walnut dining tables are great for contemporary homes and adding the homely feeling everyone wants to feel. With such simple yet beautiful polish on the wood, it brings versatility to your room so you can have a minimalistic aesthetic or decorate with a wide range of colours to create a bold and exciting dining space. Walnut is an incredibly dense wood, creating the great strength that it is praised for and so the walnut dining table is solid and built to support heavy loads, so it can be used without concern for being easily damaged.

Such durability in these contemporary walnut tables, as they have a high resistance to scratches but retain their modern and stylish look. Being a solid walnut dining table doesn’t mean that it needs to be clunky which you can see from our uniquely designed angled edges on some of our table tops to create a lighter, ‘floating’ effect on the frame.

For further information about our range of modern walnut dining tables and solid walnut dining tables, please visit our London showrooms in Chiswick or Islington, or speak to a member of our friendly sales team today.

Round Walnut Dining Tables

Round dining tables are quite the statement piece for any dining room, with their bold presence it could only be improved by the quality of wood; and that is why we create round walnut dining tables.

With unparalleled craftsmanship, our round walnut dining tables have a beautiful clear oil and wax combination finish to give the naturally embellished wood the shine it deserves. American black walnut and American walnut wood offer differing tones so you are spoilt for choice with either a darker smoky wood look or a lighter earthy tone.

Our round walnut dining tables offer a cosy and intimate feel for conversation that isn’t cut off by the corners of a square or rectangular table. The curvaceous shape of these round walnut dining tables is perfect for communal spaces and family time, where everything is in reach on the table. The surface is scratch resistant and easy to clean because of the wax protection which aids in slowing down any spillages from soaking into the wood. So our round walnut dining tables are perfect for any dynamic - growing families, messy teens or a working space.

Round walnut dining tables can sometimes be mistaken for space-wasting, but at Adventures in Furniture we couldn’t disagree more. Offering different sizes, our round walnut dining tables do not have to be large and dominating to your dining space. Some of our round walnut dining tables have thinner legs to give a slender appearance so the round shape does not give an enlarged appearance to the room. Contrastingly, our round walnut dining tables are also available with a cross leg design in the middle of the table to allow more leg space and for extra people to be seated on the days you host bigger events.