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Zurich table | Fixed

From £1,645 Was £1,828
Approx 8 - 12 weeks

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View our quick guide

View our quick guide

From £1,645 Was £1,828
Please Note:

Our best selling design. Handmade in Europe exclusively for you. White glove delivery.

The Zurich table exceeds all expectations - ask anyone who has one. It exudes contemporary elegance & meets all your entertaining needs with a few key features that make this a standout design. 

  • Design - curves on the table top corners with rounded and tapered legs that fit flush to the corners.
  • Choose from two table top materials: Fenix or Solid Wood.
  • Fenix table top – in a range of matt colours, watch the videos to see all the features of this remarkable, easy clean material.  
  • Solid European Oak or American Black Walnut table tops in a range of finish colours. Watch our video to see all the features of this long lasting material.
  • Legs – solid wood legs in an elegant tapered shape.
  • Table top height approx 76cm, Leg space approx 69cm (floor to underside of skirt).
  • It's easy, it's beautiful and we can make it just for you in the size and colours you want. Handmade and built to last in a family-owned workshop in Europe.

Fenix care: daily cleaning requires only warm water. The Fenix is non-porous so you don't need to worry about liquids penetrating the tabletop - they can't. Fenix is a material made from an acrylic resin, which is very easy to clean. With low light reflectivity, its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint, and features a very pleasant soft touch. We recommend a damp magic sponge to remove any stains that might result from pens, turmeric - and household goods. it works a treat (always use damp) and wipe down with water after using anything to clean the table with. It's durable and scratch-resistant but not scratch proof so we don't recommend using sharp objects on the Fenix.

Solid wood care: We recommend Osmo spray wash for daily care. Regular oiling with clear maintenance oil will provide protection and keep your table looking great. Please note: wood can expand and contract with seasonal changes in air moisture. This expansion can affect the level of the boards in the table top and create drying shakes (don't worry they are not structural faults and they tend to revert back once the moisture in the air changes) so it's best to keep solid wood furniture away from direct sources of heat like radiators. Clever and simple!


We deliver all over the UK mainland and we are super proud of our teams - they will place the item in the room of your choice, assemble if necessary and return all packaging for recycling at our warehouse. We are pleased that now over 95% of our London deliveries are in our 100% electric vans.

Delivery pricing:

£75 London within the M25

£110 - 150 Rest of England

£190 Southern Scotland & Wales

Please contact us for other locations

We give our furniture a broad environmental grading as we know this issue is as important to our customers as it is to us. Please see below for a breakdown of the areas we assess and the rating for this particular design. Read more on our sustainability page.

It’s all in the detail
AssemblyTable top and legs assembled on delivery.

Environmental Rating Guide

Our Environmental rating guide has three big aims:

To minimise any damaging effect on the environment contributed to by our business.


Transparency for customers - raising awareness of environmental and ethical issues in our everyday purchases.


To constantly put pressure on suppliers & improve furniture industry practices.

We assess three key aspects of the furniture process for most of our products and grade each area out of three stars.

Raw Materials

We look at the provenance of timber to ensure it’s legal and not endangered, see if it’s COC certified by the FSC or PEFC and where it is grown. We consider the ability for a product to be recycled or reused at the end of its life. For any non-sustainable elements (E.G. metal table extension mechanisms), we consider how many years likely usage the element will achieve.

Workshop practices

We visit our workshops to see first-hand how they are managed. We assess employment practices as defined by International Labour Organisation but also regional regulations (EU standards or equivalent area of developed regulation) and whether measures such as Zero waste facilities are in use. Most of our workshops are smaller family owned businesses where we can actively encourage ways of improving practices – like moving to water based glues/stains.

Furniture miles & packaging

We don’t use air freight. Most of our furniture is transported from Europe by road. We are embarking on a Carbon Balance programme for our transportation from the workshops to our customers’ homes through The World Land Trust’s land conservation scheme, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats. Our packaging has to be robust to protect our products, but we are always looking for new ways to use recycled or recyclable products.

Noteworthy commitment

Finally we consider a final star for any extra, non-essential steps that our workshops take to limit their impact on the natural and social environment for no other reason than it’s the responsible thing to do. For example community and charitable work.

More information

We developed our rating guide and now label every piece of wood furniture in our shops and online with an environmental grading tag. This is a voluntary project designed and operated by Adventures in Furniture Ltd. It is not independently assessed however it is our goal for it to grow into a nationally recognised, independently managed rating scheme. We look at three main categories (wood source, workshop practices and furniture miles) connected with the origins of our furniture and we allocate a star rating up to a maximum of 10 stars. We summarise this ‘rating’ on a label on each piece of furniture in our shop.

As we review and improve the rating system it gains in strength. We believe this information to be accurate and wherever possible we verify it with our own eyes.


Made to order furniture delivered to you in Approx 8 - 12 weeks.


All our Furniture is a 2 man delivery with Assembly included

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Furniture Care

We outline simple guidelines to keep your furniture looking great.

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