Modern 3 Seater Sofas

Modern 3 Seater Sofas

Meet our gorgeous range of contemporary 3 seater sofas, made using the finest quality materials! Our modern 3 seater sofas are available in a variety of fabrics, styles and colour options to accommodate every living space!
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  1. Angel 3.5 Seater Sofa
    Angel 3.5 Seater Sofa
    From £2,459 Was £2,732
  2. Kiko 3 Seater Sofa
    Kiko 3 Seater Sofa
    From £1,806 Was £2,007
  3. Roku 3 Seater Sofa
    Roku 3 Seater Sofa
    From £1,968 Was £2,187
  4. Copa 3 Seat Sofa
    Copa 3 Seat Sofa
    From £2,349 Was £2,610
  5. Kaya Trifold Sofabed
    Kaya Trifold Sofabed
    From £2,605 Was £2,894
  6. Abri 3 Seater Sofa
    Abri 3 Seater Sofa
    From £2,015 Was £2,239
  7. Abri Corner Sofa - Set 1
    Abri Corner Sofa - Set 1
    From £3,195 Was £3,550
  8. Abri Corner Sofa - Set 2
    Abri Corner Sofa - Set 2
    From £2,834 Was £3,149
  9. Brooklyn 3XL Seat Sofa
    Brooklyn 3XL Seat Sofa
    From £2,474 Was £2,749
  10. Kiwi Sofa - Set 1
    Kiwi Sofa - Set 1
    From £4,286 Was £4,762
  11. Nappa 3 Seat Sofa
    Nappa 3 Seat Sofa
    From £1,984 Was £2,204
  12. Valencia 3 Seat Sofa
    Valencia 3 Seat Sofa
    From £1,762 Was £1,958
  13. Vish 3 Seater Sofa
    Vish 3 Seater Sofa
    From £2,041 Was £2,268
  14. Kevy 3 Seater Sofa
    Kevy 3 Seater Sofa
    From £2,258 Was £2,509
  15. Ethnicraft N701-UK Sofa - Modular Sofa
    Ethnicraft N701-UK Sofa - Modular Sofa

    From £629

    Was £699
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Contemporary 3 Seater Sofas

Make a bold statement with our gorgeous range of modern 3 seater sofas from Adventures In Furniture. Our 3 seater sofa collection are a delight for sprawling out on a spacious and long sofa which is comfy like no other. Elongated and elegant, each 3 seater sofa is crafted flawlessly to your design as a decadent modern furniture piece in your living room. With AIF, you will find a stylish collection of modern 3 seater sofas available in a range of designs, colours and fabrics.

Our modern three seater sofa range is diverse in style so that there is something for everyone, but if you have a particular vision in mind, our sofas can be modified in design. Tailoring the size, material, colour and legs on the 3 seater sofa, we want to spoil you for choice to channel your flair and character into your furniture so your home is a true reflection of yourself.

With generous sizing in our exclusively designed three seater sofa range, you can comfortably seat extra guests when needed. The contemporary three seater sofas we host are larger in length, offering more seating for growing families and have unparalleled levels of comfort for you to enjoy. These sofas have slender shapes which look sleek, with well-shaped and cosy cushions that follow the sofa shape, giving a light and graceful look for those who want a larger 3 seater sofa without overpowering your space.

Depending on the cushioning you like you can have a firmer cushion to maintain shape after you get up off the seat and offers a more sturdy support. For those who prefer more padded cushions, we have a range of 3 seater sofas with softer cushions that engulf you so you can wind down and enjoy a movie day marathon.

3 Seater Fabric Sofas

Fabric choices can be one of the most exciting aspects of choosing your new 3 seater fabric sofa and we have hundreds of fabrics and colours to offer you. With velvety, textured, smooth and firm fabrics, at Adventures in Furniture we spoil all of our customers with fabrics that feel great but also cater to your lifestyle.

Thicker fabrics are great for young families where children may clamber on and off of the sofa because they help hold the shape of your cushions without the need to plump them up. Thicker fabrics also give you some extra support when you settle down for the evening, but don't stop you from sitting back and relaxing.

Softer materials are wonderful for adding the luxurious look and feel when you sink in to escape the world. Soft enough to mould around you when you sit down but still firm enough to keep the shape of your cushions and support you, the softer 3 seater fabric sofas really add to that cosy feeling we all adore.

Smooth fabrics are a wonderful way to accentuate the length of your 3 seater fabric sofa and look and feel soft when you touch them. Our range of more textured fabrics are a great choice for bringing your 3 seater fabric sofa to life that little bit more. A subtle texture is exciting to touch and a simple yet thoroughly effective way to add some dimension to your contemporary 3 seater sofa.

Once you've chosen your fabric, you can then think about the feet for your 3 seater fabric sofa to complement the overall aesthetic. With metal or wooden legs which are finished in different shades, your new 3 seater fabric sofa will seamlessly fit into your living space.

Pop into one of our London showrooms to have a feel of our seriously comfy 3 seater fabric sofas or you can request fabric samples free of charge to enjoy at home while you make your decision.

Small 3 Seater Sofas

Sometimes 3 seats is what you need to accommodate your loved ones, but you may not have the space or prefer to have two smaller sofas to give everyone extra space to spread out. For those instances, we host a range of small 3 seater sofas that offer you the luxury of three seats at a slightly compacted size!

So if you see a sofa you love online or in one of our London showrooms, speak to our friendly sales team who can help you modify your new small 3 seater sofa to your needs or find you something that fits your exact requirements.

Colour Options For Your 3 Seater Sofa

We have a stunning range of colours, which vary for different fabrics to maintain the highest quality of fabric and colour tones. You can select the perfect colour for your new 3 seater sofa to suit the pre-existing decor of your home or as a modern statement piece to a refurbished room. Take your pick from a diverse colour palette including grey 3 seater sofas, blue 3 seater sofas, black 3 seater sofas and so much more!

Something as simple as a colour choice is highly effective on the impact it has to your home and can influence the atmosphere you're trying to create for your living room. Cooling shades of charcoal and warm neutral tones for your modern 3 seater sofa bring a sophistication and timeless look and be used to complement almost any decor.

While your 3 seater sofa will already be durable, for those who have young families, pets or are a little more spill-prone, considering our concrete greys and darker tones would be a wise choice too as they help minimise the visibility of stains.

For those guests who excite us with their adventurous side, we have fun pops of colour that can become the focal point of a newly designed living room or the piece that brings together the decor you already have. Shades of blush pink or a honey-toned yellow are the perfect tone on your modern 3 seater sofa to catch the eye of your guests without being overwhelming.

For those who are still undecided on whether a modern 3 seater sofa is right for their home, take time to browse our range of modern 4 seater sofas, chaise end sofas and modern corner sofas.

If you would like to learn more about our range of modern 3 seater sofas and 3 seater fabric sofas, please get in touch with our friendly sales team or visit our London showrooms, conveniently located in Chiswick & Islington.