Our collection of contemporary fabric sofas is vast and our guide to buying the perfect sofa helps make the process a simple one. Finding a sofa to fit your style and space is what we do best. Choosing the right model depends on who is it for. Whether it’s going to be used in an adult only living space, a family room, playroom, guest room, Airbnb guest room, hotel or office, getting the style right for the user is important. Our modern fabric sofas will work in any of these settings. Our bestselling lounger sofas are the Brooklyn, Hammett and Baltimore. These are deep, luxurious sofas to curl up on and come with scatter and bolster cushions for the optimum luxury sofa experience. Our bestselling family sofa is the Blade or Austin sofa. These have removeable cover options for easy cleaning and a comfort fit for everyone from the littlest to the oldest. What kind of armrest? If you want a sofa with wide arm rests to put your laptop or coffee on, we have some wide arm models, if seating space is a premium but the room is smaller then perhaps you want narrow arms and more cushion area. Size matters. Well of course size matters but it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on comfort or style just because of the room shape, height of ceilings or limited space. One of our narrowest sofas, the Jules, is also one of our most luxurious styles.

Pick a fabric that works for you. Pets? Young children? Red wine enthusiasts? Finding the right fabric for your sofa can seem a big task but these days many fabrics are fairly hard wearing and suitable for most uses. There are some helpful identifiers when comparing fabrics. Check the Martindale number as this indicates how the fabric will fare in in the long term. It’s basically a rub test – a machine measures how many times a fabric can be rubbed before it shows wear and tear on the fibres. There should also be a colour fastness indicator – usually a ratio to indicate whether fading is a consideration. Washing care and maintenance is something that at some point will be important to you – check the care instruction symbols.

Natural vs Synthetic? Generally speaking natural fabrics offer a soft touch and nice ‘handle’. These fabrics are dyed to achieve colours and come in a varied range of woven textures. Synthetic fabrics offer robust fibres that have long wear capability. Foam or feather seat cushions. For some it’s easy – a feather allergy means feathers are not an option, for others it’s a choice and it’s very personal. We don’t sell any full feather seat cushions with our sofas because that can means overstuffed cushions which require constant plumping. We do have standard, full foam cushions or a lux cushion which is a combination of feather & foam. In general foam cushions have a more tailored look and feel – there is less movement on the cushion itself, for a neater look and slightly firmer feel. Our lux cushions have a foam core (to help keep the shape and reduce the need for constant plumping) and a feather surround for a luxurious plush seat. Upsides and downsides? Again, it’s personal so sit on each with your eyes closed and see what feels better to you. It’s worth noting that feather and foam will show more movement because of the air pockets that feather distribution creates. If you want a sink-in feel, then lux cushions might be for you. If you want a more structured look with less movement in the cushions perhaps standard foam cushions are for you. About half our customers buy feather and half buy foam so choose the one that feels best to you. It’s worth noting that all cushions will show indentations and movement and some fabrics will also affect how much of this you see. Soft, draping fabrics generally allow more flexibility. Very tight natural weaves will loosen over time. Leather will stretch over time. Fire retardants & chemicals. The UK has strict fire regulations and all upholstered products must have tags showing they are compliant to BS7177. This ensures that the fabric covering as well as the internal materials meet the legal requirements. Care & maintenance. Almost every sofa cushion has removeable covers. Some sofa frames also have a removeable cover option. See our care section for details of specific fabric care – all sofas will have care instructions under one of the seat cushions. It is not necessary to throw your cushions on the floor to plump them but smoothing out the cushion tops when arranging your scatter cushions can keep them looking lovely and careful hoovering to remove dust is helpful. Guarantees. Our sofa frames are guaranteed for 10 years and all cushion inners are guaranteed for 2 years. Custom doesn’t have to be complicated and it does make your home yours.

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