Large Dining Tables

Large Dining Tables

Now, more than ever, people want to elevate the home dining experience. And if you are looking to create a unique space that bursts with style and personality, you've come to the right place. With a stunning selection of large dining tables  - we've got the perfect modern classic for you.

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  1. Ethnicraft Mikado Dining Table | Fixed | Oak | Rectangular
    Ethnicraft Mikado Dining Table | Fixed | Oak | Rectangular

    From £2,689

  2. Ethnicraft Pi Dining Table | Fixed | Brown Teak
    Ethnicraft Pi Dining Table | Fixed | Brown Teak

    From £1,409

  3. Ethnicraft Pi Dining Table | Fixed | Oak
    Ethnicraft Pi Dining Table | Fixed | Oak

    From £1,849

  4. Bianco table - Extending | Fenix
    Bianco table - Extending | Fenix
    From £2,840
  5. Bianco table - Fixed | Fenix
    Bianco table - Fixed | Fenix
    From £1,339
  6. Bianco table - Fixed | Wood
    Bianco table - Fixed | Wood
    From £1,132
  7. Bianco table - Extending | Wood
    Bianco table - Extending | Wood
    From £2,879
  8. Zurich table | Extending
    Zurich table | Extending
    From £2,997
  9. Zurich table | Fixed
    Zurich table | Fixed
    From £1,828
  10. Brooklyn Table | Extending
    Brooklyn Table | Extending
    From £3,771
  11. Brooklyn Table | Fixed
    Brooklyn Table | Fixed
    From £2,260
  12. Ethnicraft Bok Teak Brown Dining Table
    Ethnicraft Bok Teak Brown Dining Table

    From £1,119

  13. Ethnicraft Air Oak Dining Table
    Ethnicraft Air Oak Dining Table

    From £1,349

  14. Tikona table | Extending
    Tikona table | Extending
    From £2,757
  15. Calesa table | Extending
    Calesa table | Extending
    From £4,005
  16. Calesa table | Fixed
    Calesa table | Fixed
    From £3,521
  17. Oak Geometric Black Dining Table
    Oak Geometric Black Dining Table

    From £3,339

  18. Oak Geometric Dining Table
    Oak Geometric Dining Table

    From £3,029

  19. black oak extending dining table with modern finish
    Ethnicraft Bok Black oak extendable dining table

    From £3,169

  20. solid teak extendable dining table with matching chairs and a modern design
    Ethnicraft Bok teak extending dining tables

    From £2,499

  21. Ethnicraft Bok Teak Dining Tables
    Ethnicraft Bok Teak Dining Tables

    From £1,229

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Environmentally friendly, sustainable large dining room table  

The dining table is the heart of a home. It's more than just where people come together to eat; it's also where you entertain your loved ones and where you and your family gather to spend quality time. With so much important living done around the table every single day, why battle for elbow and leg room? At Adventures in Furniture, our large dining tables don't just make the most of your space – they transform them into something wonderful. And they do it in comfort and style. 

Designed with you in mind, our dining tables are the perfect centrepiece for your home. Tailored to you, your tastes, and your lifestyle - with a stunning selection of styles, sizes, materials, and colour options to choose from - whatever design you desire, you can be sure that your large dining table will be authentically yours. And once we have helped you to create the perfect piece for you, we'll get it delivered and installed in your home in a matter of weeks.

What's more, because we know that you care about the environment as much as we do, we ensure that all our sustainable large dining room tables – including our Ethnicraft, Zurich and Tate ranges - are built using only the highest quality craftsmanship.  

At Adventures in Furniture, our commitment to sustainability and effortless functionality goes hand-in-hand with our passion for longevity. We realise the wear and tear that furniture can suffer over time (especially with young children running around), so everything we create is made to the highest quality standards. We do this so that you can enjoy your sustainable large dining room table for generations.

Large extendable dining table for flexible living 

A large table sets the style tone for your dining space. And even if you don't have the room for a large dining room table 24/7, that doesn't mean that you should sacrifice on style and comfort. Our extendable dining tables can be expanded for family gatherings and dinner parties or folded away for a more intimate dining experience. 

Crafted out of solid oak, solid walnut, solid teak and the ever-popular ceramic, our exclusive range of extendable dining tables can comfortably sit up to 14 guests. And with no visible or clunky joints and crevices, you can sprawl out in style. No fuss, easy functionality, and no overstated extra costs. Moreover, all of our extendable dining tables come with removable legs, which makes delivery access easier.

Large dining tables that are built to last  

Passionate about exceptional quality standards and obsessed with craftsmanship, you won't find any cheap disposable furniture here. Instead, at Adventures in Furniture, your large dining table – just like all our beautifully produced pieces - will meet your family’s needs for decades to come. Our dining room tables are designed to last a lifetime. Constructed to withstand stains, scratches, and the realities of day-to-day living, our tables also require minimal maintenance to keep them looking great. This includes our stunning outdoor dining table collection.

Furthermore, with ethically sourced, responsible materials and considered sustainable design at the heart of everything we do, your furniture is better for the environment too. So together, we can rise to the environmental challenges that we all now face. We are proud of the unique combination of authenticity, craftsmanship and design that we deliver to our customers. And it is this ethos, and the people who design and build our products, that make our large dining room tables truly special.

Beautiful large wooden dining table for your home 

If you are looking for timeless style and long-lasting durability, a wooden dining table is hard to beat. Robust, alluring, exceptionally tactile, and always in fashion, there is a reason why wooden furniture is always sought after by interior designers and stylish homeowners. And, if you are looking for a large wooden dining table, we have a stunning collection for you to choose from.

At Adventures in Furniture, we specialise in creating large wooden dining tables. And, with a huge range of outstanding designs, from Scandi style tables with clean lines and a minimalist vibe, to chunky, traditional tables for those who value timeless, classic design – and everything in between – our collection is sure to impress and inspire. 

Our wooden tables also feel so good that you won't be able to resist touching them! Whether you prefer dark wood, light wood, polished wood, natural wood, oak, walnut, or teak for your large wooden dining table, all our designs are made from sustainable wood. We even offer a selection of mixed material dining tables which combine wood and metal for a unique modern vibe.

Large oak dining table designed to your style 

When it comes to a wooden dining table, oak is the most classic option around. And, if you are looking for inspiration on purchasing a solid oak dining table, you are in good hands. At Adventures in Furniture, we offer an exceptional selection of large oak dining tables in contemporary, industrial, Nordic and cottagecore styles. 

Suitable for all tastes and lifestyles, our solid oak dining tables are designed around your needs, personality, and tastes – with many custom options. So, while each piece is handcrafted using the finest quality European oak, the rest is up to you. With an unrivalled selection of finishes, styles, and sizes, you can customise your large oak dining table to create the perfect piece for your home.

Our popular oak ranges include the Bianco dining tableMason dining table and Zurich dining table collections. All are available in customisable sizes and are made to order. Handcrafted using 100% wood and no veneer, our large oak dining tables are durable and long lasting. So they really will stand the test of time. But you don’t have to take our word for it, because our bespoke oak dining tables all come with a lifetime guarantee.

Large 8-seater dining table perfect for family living 

If you love entertaining, our beautiful 8-seat dining tables are designed with family gatherings and dinner parties in mind. And, with comfort just as important as visual appeal, nobody is ever left struggling for space. 

From chunky traditional designs to minimal Scandinavian styles, our large 8-seater dining tables come in many fashions, sizes, materials, and colour options. Customisable to you and created just the way you want it, an Adventures in Furniture table is perfect if you want a quality piece of furniture that is uniquely yours. From warm oak to luxurious walnut, to more contemporary finishes such as Fenix and ceramic, we've got your perfect match. 

What's more, if space is a problem, we also offer a fabulous range of extendable 8-seater dining tables which boast straightforward and functional mechanisms to open effortlessly with no visible lines or splits in the tabletop. They really are as beautiful as they are functional. 

Standout entertaining with a large 10-seater dining table 

If you crave a real stand out centrepiece for your entertaining space, then a large 10-seater dining table is sure to impress. And, because we know that you want your handcrafted dining table in place as soon as possible, our made-to-order furniture can be delivered to your home in around eight weeks.

Exceptionally crafted and made from the highest quality materials, our 10-seat dining tables ooze character and charm. From solid traditional oak to sumptuous walnut, uber modern options and minimal Scandinavian designs, all our dining tables are both gorgeous and robust. 

Large enough to accommodate all your guests, and perfect for creating unforgettable family-style home-dining experiences, we also boast an exceptional range of 10-seater extending dining tables where space is at a premium. With a unique roll-out leg system so that everyone can enjoy the food and conversation in comfort, our 10-seater extending dining tables give you all the flexibility you need, without compromising on style. 

Beautifully designed large 12-seater dining table

For generous dinner parties and family occasions, a large 12-seat dining table will ensure you create an unforgettable dining experience for all the right reasons! More than just a statement piece, a 12-seat dining table helps ensure that everyone sits in comfort and style. 

You can tailor your 12-seat extending dining table to reflect your tastes, lifestyle, and space. For example, oak is hard to beat if you crave a rich, beautiful dining table. Alternatively, hard-wearing and gorgeously tactile, when it comes to furniture design, a large 12-seater ceramic dining table is for people who dare to be different. And, with a soft-touch texture that feels incredible, available in a huge range of hues, from inky blacks to bold blues, our 12-seat Fenix dining tables can be personalised to your exact requirements.

If you prefer a cosier dining experience once the entertaining is over, we also offer an impressive variety of 12 seat extending dining tables. So you can configure the perfect dining set up for you, as and when you need it. Why buy pre-designed when you can create a large, bespoke, sustainable dining table that will stand out and fit perfectly into your home?