Extendable Dining Tables

Incredibly practical and stylishly designed, our collection of handmade extendable dining tables will fit all types of rooms and purposes. Crafted out of solid oak, solid walnut, solid teak and the ever popular ceramic, makes them a durable option for every occasion, from special dinner parties to daily meals.

If space is a concern but you still enjoy sprawling out or hosting larger parties for special occasions, we offer an exclusive range of extendable dining tables that can comfortably accomodate up to 14 guests. Extending dining tables are great for that extra space when you need it, so nobody needs to bang elbows with the person next to them! No fuss, easy extension and no overstated extra costs.

Combining elegance and simple yet sturdy technology, you can expand and compact your dining table; offering sophistication to your dining room in different sizes! With no visible or clunky joints and crevices, your handcrafted extending dining table will look stunning with its streamlined appearance.

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Contemporary Extending Dining Tables

At Adventures in Furniture, we believe that space conscious people would greatly benefit from our extendable dining tables because it provides the continual luxury of adjusting the size of your table to fit your room, mood and number of guests. Whether you're searching for an 8 seat extendable dining table, 10 seat extendable dining table or 12 seat extendable dining table, you're sure to find a suitable option right here with us.

Some of our bespoke dining tables are extendable in 2 sections, giving the option, of two additional sizes depending on your needs. Our forward-thinking innovation means that the seamless extension is easy enough for one person to do alone, no need for faff or heavy lifting.

We realise the wear and tear they can suffer over time (especially with young children running around) so they are made to last. Various extending mechanisms mean however many people you're catering for and wherever you intend to store the contemporary extending dining table when not in full use, there will be an ideal option for you.

Solid Oak Extending Dining Tables

Our extending oak dining tables also come with a choice of square or rectangular tops, handcrafted with 100% European Oak. We offer the finest quality oak extending dining tables, perfect for family gatherings, special occasions and more.

Make the most of your space with our oak extendable dining table range, compacting the table down when you need some more floor space or want a more intimate dining space when you have less people.

We offer a broad collection of extending oak dining tables for your consideration that will stand the test of time. Popular choices amongst our customers are:

Our versatile extendable dining tables can comfortably accommodate up to 14 guests. Some of our extendable oak dining tables give the option for 2 extendable leafs, with a maximum size of 320cm x 100 cm.

Furthermore, you can customise the finish of your solid oak extending dining table to suit your individual style.

With a range of contemporary designs and styles, you’re sure to find the ideal oak extending dining table for your home. Shop our range of solid oak extending dining tables today!

Walnut Extending Dining Tables

Dine in style with our beautiful range of extending walnut dining tables. We can help you design the perfect walnut extending dining table to suit your needs and the style of your room. The extending walnut dining tables also come in a variety of sizes as an additional option to really make the most of your dining space. Depending on your requirements, our walnut extending dining tables can comfortably accommodate from 6 to 14 guests.

Our extending walnut dining tables offer an abundance of legroom, so you can host large dinner parties or just utilise extra elbow room without having to worry about space. Walnut wood has such strength that the table can sustain frequent movement without any damage or wear and tear when you extend the table. The extension leaf is hidden within the table so it doesn’t need any more storage and despite the solidity of the table, the legs roll smoothly out of the way and allow for maximum seating space.

Style and comfort are of the utmost importance in all of our furnishings, which are reflected in our velvety smooth finishes on all of our walnut extending dining tables. Our solid walnut dining tables offer continuity when extended, because each of our tables are crafted so the wood grain on the leaf is continuous to the fixed table top; leaving a beautiful succinct grain running from start to finish on your walnut extending dining table.

Our beautiful extending walnut dining tables are handcrafted from solid walnut and available in a range of styles and sizes for all households. Explore our timeless collection of walnut extending dining tables online or pop into one of our London showrooms to view them up close and personal.

Fine Dining in Style

If you're looking for a modern extendable dining table that can comfortably seat many without looking out of place in your modern dining room or kitchen, then the variety of different styles in our collection will help.

The walnut Slice extendable tables feature an angled edge to the table top, creating a floating impression with the sandwich board construction reducing movement. An oak or teak extending dining table will suit lighter decorated rooms better, with some such as the Bianco oak version being available in a more natural appearance than others.  

Extendable For Your Needs

Most of our modern extending dining tables come in various sizes which allow you to seat from six up to around 14 people, depending on your requirements. Some can even be made to measure. A choice of finish is also available on certain models so you can match the style perfectly to your chosen room.

All of our contemporary extendable dining tables come with removable legs, which makes delivery access easier. Compact butterfly folding leaves create plenty of space when not extended to capacity. Often options are available where the entire leg section moves on extension, removing the problem of table legs being in the way of chairs. Whether used as a dining or kitchen table, for practical yet classy dining there is no better option.

Once you have chosen your new modern extending dining table, you have the option to pair it up with our unrivalled collection of handmade sofas. Available in a range of modern designs and versatile styles, from small modern sofas to deep seated sofas, we have a wonderful selection for your consideration.