Modern Armchairs

Explore our timeless collection of modern armchairs, available in a generous variety of styles, colours and fabric options. From high-back and swivel armchairs, to compact and lounge-worthy armchairs, we have a gorgeous range of options for your living space. You can also customise your armchair by choosing from a wide range of premium fabric and colour options, including bold, neutral and pastal shades.

All of our contemporary armchairs are handcrafted to order using the finest quality materials. Once ordered, your armchair can be constructed in around 8 weeks and setup in your room of choice by our friendly delivery team.

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  1. Cloud Armchair
    Cloud Armchair
    Special Price £1,201 Was £1,334
  2. Pell Armchair
    Pell Armchair
    Special Price £1,571 Was £1,746
  3. Mr Lawrence Armchair
    Mr Lawrence Armchair
    Special Price £934 Was £1,038
  4. Kush Armchair + Neckrest Pillow
    Kush Armchair + Neckrest Pillow
    Special Price £1,143 Was £1,270
  5. Kush High Back Armchair
    Kush High Back Armchair
    Special Price £1,052 Was £1,169
  6. Spoko fluffy armchair
    Spoko Armchair
    Special Price £922 Was £1,024
  7. Senso Armchair
    Senso Armchair
    Special Price £1,464 Was £1,627
  8. Lora Armchair
    Lora Armchair
    Special Price £742 Was £824
  9. Zed Armchair - Wood Leg
    Zed Armchair - Wood Leg
    Special Price £1,394 Was £1,549
  10. Karis Armchair
    Karis Armchair
    Special Price £1,185 Was £1,317
  11. Blade Armchair - Loose Cover Velcro
    Blade Armchair - Loose Cover Velcro
    Special Price £924 Was £1,027
  12. Ibsen Armchair
    Ibsen Armchair
    Special Price £1,041 Was £1,157
  13. Angel Armchair Wide
    Angel Armchair Wide
    Special Price £1,603 Was £1,781
  14. Meesh Armchair
    Meesh Armchair
    Special Price £1,326 Was £1,473
  15. Chino Chair
    Chino Chair
    Special Price £673 Was £748
  16. Zed Armchair - Swivel Metal Base
    Zed Armchair - Swivel Metal Base
    Special Price £1,496 Was £1,662
  17. Jules Armchair - Loose Cover Velcro
    Jules Armchair - Loose Cover Velcro
    Special Price £1,111 Was £1,235
  18. Cooper armchair
    Cooper armchair
    Special Price £1,044 Was £1,160
  19. Casa Armchair
    Casa Armchair
    Special Price £1,318 Was £1,465
  20. Blade Armchair
    Blade Armchair
    Special Price £838 Was £931
  21. Hug Armchair
    Hug Armchair
    Special Price £1,237 Was £1,375
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Contemporary Armchairs

It’s true that an armchair allows you some freedom to play with colour and texture. It’s small enough that you can use bold colours or tactile fabrics to accentuate the personality of your space. It’s a great way to pull out colours used in curtains and rugs or lighting. We feel fairly strongly that it doesn’t have to match the sofa – in fact, we will advise you not to match fabrics or style to your sofa. This is a perfect way to create personality in a space. Take a neutral grey sofa and see what happens when paired with spots of orange or yellow or deep blue - complement it with a similarly toned throw tossed on the back of the sofa or some cushions.

Armchairs, however, are not only accent pieces, sometimes they are the main seating in very compact spaces. A pair of high backed armchairs can create a cosy and relaxed sitting area and using colour wisely can make a small area really stand out.

High Backed Armchairs

The Zed armchair pairs a metal base in black or white with an upholstered back, sides and head cushion. This chair has a swivel and return action so that it always ends up in the position you want when you get out of the chair. Relaxed comfort.

The Kush armchair has all the curves of a mid-century style with an updated angular profile. This chair exudes elegance. Stylish comfort with a ridiculously comfortable (and adjustable) neck cushion. The neck cushion and Kush footstool are optional extras but almost everyone who tries them orders both. It’s the little extras that make this chair our stand out best seller. Leather is not available on the Kush chair and only selected fabrics work well with this shape – we love it in all colours of velvet.

The Casa armchair has a similar feel to the Kush but it has a more rounded, buttoned back. Opt for contrasting buttons to add personality. The design of the Casa is all about gentle curves and graceful proportions.

The Laze armchair has a cocoon-like back, complete with bolster cushion for supreme comfort. Try the Laze footstool for the full laid back experience. This chair looks great in wool, velvet and many of the cotton fabrics with solid weaves.

The Blackbird armchair is the ultimate in sleek, deep buttoned leather. Swivel action & tilt action are options along with a black or white fibreglass frame. Gently rounded and padded arms combined with perfect proportions make this armchair charmingly tempting. Available in Matrix or Aniline leather only.

Mid Back Armchairs

The Angel armchair has a gorgeous cushion like design – perfect for chilling, reading and streaming! With a removable cover and several different feet options, the Angel also comes is a super wide version which is more like a Love seat.

Our Tahoe armchair, Hammett armchair, Bryce armchair and Loki armchair all have mid back heights and can be combined with head rolls and footstools if you want to recline fully. These also have two widths which make them very versatile, choose the smaller width or opt for a wider cosy armchair for two.

Low Back Armchairs

If you’re opting for a low back armchair because it needs to fit under a window, dado rail, or just not overwhelm a room then explore our super comfy options below. Low back should be just as satisfying as high back, without the dimensions.

The Jules armchair is one of our most popular models because it really feels divine to sit in – it’s got tiny proportions but feels like you are sitting in a soft cloud. Jules has a loose cover – choose from a zipped and Velcro fastening or a loose skirt & toggle fastening (see available fabrics for each). We love it in velvet and soft linen. This chair is all about soft sitting.

The Cooper armchair is Small. Chic. Elegant. Comfortable. Those adjectives say more about the Cooper armchair than maxi sentences. Reflecting the shape of the mini cooper bucket seats this chairs looks great in leather as you might guess but it also looks stunning in velvet. Available with a striking metal frame in a variety of finishes.

The Roma armchair has angular wood armrests with tightly upholstered seat and back making for a very tailored look. Everyone loves this armchair because it looks great, has a strong design and isn’t too wide.

Removable Cover Armchairs

The Jules armchair and the Angel armchair both have removable frame covers.

As with all of our sofas and loveseats, our armchairs are available in the entire Adventures in Furniture fabric collection (see Kush restrictions) and many can be made in leather as well. See our fabrics guide to explore the full range.