Modern Sofa Beds

Combining style, comfort and funtionality, our incredibly stylish modern sofa beds are perfect for both day and night. Available in a range of stunning designs, fabrics and colour options, your search for a modern sofa bed ends right here with us.

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25 Items

  1. Hampton 3 Seater Sofa bed
    Hampton 3 Seater Sofa bed
    From £2,694
  2. Kip Sofabed + 2 Large Armrest Cushion
    Kip Sofabed + 2 Large Armrest Cushion
    From £3,060
  3. Kaya Trifold Sofabed
    Kaya Trifold Sofabed
    From £2,894
  4. Harlem Armchair Sofabed
    Harlem Armchair Sofabed
    From £1,888
  5. Hampton Armchair Sofabed
    Hampton Armchair Sofabed
    From £1,888
  6. Florence Armchair Sofabed
    Florence Armchair Sofabed
    From £1,885
  7. Florence Corner Sofabed - Set 2
    Florence Corner Sofabed - Set 2
    From £4,141
  8. Florence Corner Sofabed - Set 1
    Florence Corner Sofabed - Set 1
    From £3,843
  9. Florence 4 Seater Sofabed
    Florence 4 Seater Sofabed
    From £2,926
  10. Florence 3 Seater Sofabed
    Florence 3 Seater Sofabed
    From £2,694
  11. Harlem corner sofabed Set 2
    Harlem corner sofabed Set 2
    From £4,141
  12. Harlem Corner Sofabed Set 1
    Harlem Corner Sofabed Set 1
    From £3,843
  13. Harlem 4 Seater Sofabed
    Harlem 4 Seater Sofabed
    From £2,926
  14. Harlem 3 Seater Sofabed
    Harlem 3 Seater Sofabed
    From £2,694
  15. Hampton Corner Sofabed - Set 2
    Hampton Corner Sofabed - Set 2
    From £4,141
  16. Hampton Corner Sofabed - Set 1
    Hampton Corner Sofabed - Set 1
    From £3,843
  17. Hampton 4 Seater Sofabed
    Hampton 4 Seater Sofabed
    From £2,926
  18. Luk Armchair Sofabed
    Luk Armchair Sofabed
    From £2,361
  19. Luk 2 Seater Sofabed
    Luk 2 Seater Sofabed
    From £2,932
  20. Luk 3 Seater Sofabed
    Luk 3 Seater Sofabed
    From £3,097
  21. Luk 4 Seater Sofabed
    Luk 4 Seater Sofabed
    From £3,376
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Contemporary Sofa Beds

Offer your guests the perfect sleeping space - our super comfy sofa beds are stylish and easy to use.

So why buy a modern sofa bed? Flexible and versatile sofa beds are necessary for any home these days. More so in a city like London, where we are based. Comfort is key and an easy to use sofa bed means overnight guests are a doddle.

Luxury Sofa Beds

Adventures in Furniture has many contemporary sofa beds, both with superior comfort and flexibility. Our sleeper sofas are easy to use with both opening up in a matter of seconds with minimal effort.

The Luk Sofa Bed

The Luk sofa bed is a great, slightly higher seat sofa that converts to a tri fold sofa bed with the simplest pull on a loop. No need to remove the cushions, they tuck under the frame so that extra storage isn’t required, and the guests room is kept tidy. It’s easy to use and anyone can open this bed.

The Luk sofa bed has a real, integrated mattress inside the frame and there are two mattress types with the Luk – The Nova foam mattress or Nova sprung mattress. The Foam mattress is made of 12cm thick high resiliency foam with a cotton poly quilted cover. The Nova spring mattress is made of 12cm thick high quality pocket bonel springs with a cotton poly quilted cover. Equally comfy.

Luk is sized to fit all spaces. Choose from a single 90cm bed Luk armchair, a double 140cm bed Luk 3 seater sofa or a large double 160cm bed Luk 4 seater sofa. Please note that mattress sizes are not overall sofa widths.

AND… Luk can also be created as a corner sofa bed. You just add a chaise longue section with storage to tidy away all the extra bedding on the 120 Luk set 4 and 140 Luk set 2 mattress sizes. Or add a chaise without storage Luk set 1, Luk set 3 just to put your feet up on. Either way you now have a small corner sofa bed.

All Luk sofa beds feature removable arms and the corner sets come in sections for easy access into tight spaces.

The Vega Sofa Bed

The Vega sofa bed is a super sofa bed that comes in 3 corner shapes. The Vega features a pop up platform bed that takes up less floor space – it fits completely inside the corner shaped sofa footprint.

This bed is so easy to use that it’s often used for family movie nights, not just overnight guests! Just pull out the hidden trundle drawer and a quick tug on the mattress tab pops it up.

The Vega sofa bed is not available in leather.

Luxury Sofa Bed Fabric Options

With our huge range of fabrics to choose from it’s easy to find a fabric you love. We will guide you through the myriad of options and provide samples for you to look at in your home. There are options from all-natural cottons and linens to leathers (Luk only), chenille, flat weaves, wide weaves in robust synthetics or a combination of synthetic and natural fibres that are long lasting and soft to the touch. Whether sleeping directly on the sofa cushions or on an integrated mattress choosing the right fabric is essential. See our fabric guide for more information.

Neutrals & Bold Vibrant Colours – So Many Colour Options For You

Choosing a colour for your modern sofa bed can mean the difference between liking it and loving it. It’s a very personal decision but we will help you get the best look from colours and textures. A red velvet can be very different from a red chenille. Both can be rich in texture and we’ll help you find the perfect fit your home from pale neutrals to bold statement hues.

Both the Luk and the Vega are a contemporary sofa bed with FSC certification. Both are super sofas with easy to use, comfortable beds for a great night’s sleep. Shop our range of modern sofa beds today or get in touch for more information.